Complaint about Nokia G21 Mobile Device Issues

Dear Nokia Customer Support,

I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the performance and functionality of my recently purchased Nokia G21 mobile device. Despite my high expectations for Nokia's renowned quality and reliability, I have encountered persistent problems with the device, specifically relating to continuous auto restarting and an endless loop that prevents it from starting properly.

I purchased the Nokia G21 on 15 August 2022 from an authorized retailer, expecting to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free user experience. However, shortly after setting up the device, I started encountering significant issues. The phone would frequently initiate an automatic restart without any user input, causing disruptions to my daily activities and affecting my productivity.

In an effort to resolve these problems, I visited the online support portal and followed all the recommended troubleshooting steps provided. Regrettably, none of the suggested solutions proved effective in rectifying the issue. I then decided to take my Nokia G21 to an authorized service center for further assistance.

Upon visiting the service center, I explained the issue in detail to the technicians and provided them with all the necessary information and documentation. They examined the device thoroughly but were unable to identify the root cause of the problem or provide a viable solution. After an extended period of time, they returned the device to me without any resolution, stating that they were unable to fix the issue.

As a consumer, this entire experience has left me deeply frustrated and disappointed. I have invested my trust and hard-earned money in Nokia's products, only to encounter a faulty device that fails to meet even the most basic expectations. Despite my efforts to seek support through your online resources and visit an authorized service center, I have been unable to find a satisfactory solution.

Considering Nokia's reputation for delivering reliable and durable mobile devices, I am astonished by the poor performance and recurring issues with the Nokia G21. This situation has not only caused significant inconvenience but has also diminished my trust in Nokia's products and support services.

I kindly request that you take immediate action to rectify the issues with my Nokia G21 or provide an appropriate solution to ensure that I have a fully functional and reliable device. I expect a prompt response outlining the steps you will take to address this matter.

If the issues persist and remain unresolved, I may be left with no choice but to seek a refund or pursue alternative remedies available under consumer protection laws.

I have attached copies of my purchase receipt, online support interactions, and any relevant service center documentation for your reference. Please let me know if there is any additional information or documentation required to facilitate the resolution process.

I trust that Nokia, as a reputable brand, values customer satisfaction and will take swift action to address these concerns. I look forward to a satisfactory resolution to this matter and to restoring my confidence in Nokia's products.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



  • My Nokia g21 is a huge disappointment especially after it upgraded itself to Android 12. It freezes, restarts itself, apps crash, Quicksteps stop working... The list is endless. I'm honestly regretting switching to Nokia from Samsung.

    I purchased the device based on past records of the brand. Android 11 was more stable than this upgrade. I've had to reset my device thinking it would resolve the issues.

    I hope all these issues shall be fixed with Android 13 update.

  • kcnla01
    kcnla01 ✭✭

    Android 13 for G21 more problems than Android 12.

    However, Nokia phone support team only know to keep ask users to factory reset device or send the device go to careline center only. I am not sure this Nokia phone support team how can help to users.

  • Dear @kcnla01

    We appreciate to share with us some of your issue you faced as for me i having issue that my Speaker suddenly stopped working after updated to Android 13.

  • kcnla01
    kcnla01 ✭✭

    Dear all ...

    Don't buy any Nokia phone in future.

    Solution from the Service Centre.

    1. Factory reset
    2. We already escalated your case to related department
    3. Please send your device to nearby careline center (limited careline center and without phone call to confirm careline center still in operation or not)

    In a conclusion, this Nokia phone support and Nokia Care email is nothing can help on customer and keep ask customer to wait only.

  • A worst phone I have ever used... Lots of issue I am facing in this phone. When I report my issue with customer care, they are telling the factory reset option. Why we are using a smartphone, because of our convenience. But Nokia not looking that.

    - Hanging Issue

    - Apps are closing while using

    - Worst Camera Quality

    - Low Network Coverage

    - Fingerprint Not working sometimes.

    - We can't use our apps that we needed.

    - Low Speaker Sound

    - Phone automatically going to DND mode

    - Phone turns sounds in silent/vibration mode

    - Accessibility turns off automatically.

    - Etc. etc. etc.

    Solution from the Service Centre

    - Factory reset....

    Dear all ..... Don't buy any Nokia phone in future.

  • kcnla01
    kcnla01 ✭✭

    Hi all,

    Anyone can advice this kind of email replied, really can help customer to solving problem?

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for keeping in touch with us.

    Please be informed that remote technical support has no option to work on your mobile phone for a deeper investigation. In case you have tried all troubleshooting steps with us but the issue remains, your device should be sent a repair request at our authorized repair center. Especially, the battery-related issue will be assessed by our technician and provide you with assistance accordingly. For that reason, factory reset is always the final troubleshooting that we can try on your Nokia G21, and for repair request you should contact our nearby care point center.

    To locate the nearest care point, please visit:

    Should you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know at your convenience.