Speakers suddenly stopped working after updating to android 13 "Nokia G21"

Hope someone can help as yesterday day i was watching YouTube and just turned the phone screen off, after i while i opened the phone and noticed speaker is not working, and i can confirm that there's no damages happened it was in my pocket, i read some threads that always nokia got bugs after updates.


Devices settings reset


Switch off and turned on

Factory reset

Only left to perform rom flashing 🥲



  • aletre01
    aletre01 ✭✭

    Happened to me too. The 19th if I'm not mistaken. I doubt it's because of Android 13, since I had it installed a couple of days earlier. Could be another update of some other Android something... Who knows...

    Long story short, I contacted the support and sent it today for repair.

  • Hey @aletre01

    Thanks for your confirmation, i thought am the only one and you are right as for me it happened yesterday 21 May at morning " the different of time maybe because of regions" anyway i will finish work and get to home to perform flashing rom, please update us if they got your phone fixed and what they did to fix it

  • Hi @aletre01

    Any update regarding your phone repair, did they fix it?

  • aletre01
    aletre01 ✭✭

    Yeah... Got it back yesterday evening. I'm setting it up, and loudspeaker seems to be working again. Looks like it was a hw problem.