android 13 update

laroy ✭✭

Received android 13 update yesterday. The distorted sound problem connecting to Phonak hearing aids via bluetooth appears to have been fixed . Now working ok.

Regards Laurence


  • ccarmen66
    ccarmen66 ✭✭
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    19 juin 2023

    Hello, from France,

    I am french, I will try to write in english and here because I can't see where is it to ask a question.

    After an update on my phone Nokia G21, already with Android 13, now I have no sound.

    Even after reset, nothing. What is the problem ?

  • ccarmen66
    ccarmen66 ✭✭
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    No ring for calls, no sound Youtube, no ringstones...

    My phone has been bought only 4 or 5 months ago, on the website

    But when I connect earphones on the phone, I can hear the sound.