G21 charge issue

After updated to Android 13, my device's charging time became very unstable.

Sometimes, charging the 50% battery can take up to 3 hours.

The methods provided by Nokia Phone Support are already tired. However, it is the same.

The Nokia Mobile support team keep ask me to factory reset and send the device back to the Nokia careline center only. Totally not provide any useful solution to Nokia users.



  • Install Ampere from the play store and check the charging current, and also may sure the 'battery type' is being detected properly (current issue with the X30).

  • kcnla01
    kcnla01 ✭✭

    Do you mean X30 also have slow charging issue?

  • kcnla01
    kcnla01 ✭✭

    Dear all ...

    Don't buy any Nokia phone in future.

    1. Solution from the Service Centre.
    2. Factory reset
    3. We already escalated your case to related department

    Please send your device to nearby careline center (limited careline center and without phone call to confirm careline center still in operation or not)

    In a conclusion, this Nokia phone support and Nokia Care email is nothing can help on customer and keep ask customer to wait only.