May security patch



  • Do NOT install this update.

    If you have installed this update, do NOT restart your phone.

    This update carries the risk of bricking your phone like it did mine, and many Nokia 8.3 customers. At the time of writing Nokia has not released any statements or methods for unbricking the phone.


  • Hello, I have it installed, and I have no problem in restarting. Greetings.

  • yes,and I have installed ,it works well.

  • 杰瑞-Nokia-G60
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    The fault you mentioned only exists in Nokia 8.3. Rest assured to install other devices and nothing will happen.

  • 杰瑞-Nokia-G60
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    I hope the Nokia community can become active, and users around the world will discuss it. After each system update, I will first update everyone and tell them if it is safe, if the problem has been solved, and if there are any new faults.

  • geofftay
    geofftay ✭✭
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    I wish I was having more luck with the May 2023 update. For days I have been unable to install it. I am constantly getting the message that can be seen in the screenshot. I have tried installing in Safe Mode and even a full factory reset, but I still cannot get this update installed. I am really hoping Nokia comes with a fix soon.

  • W.
    W. ✭✭
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    I have the same problem. The Google Security Patch 2023-05 couldn't update. Security problem. Ik had a chat with Nokia a few days agoo. They said no update was available for my Nokia. I'm alsoo hoping Nokia comes with a fix soon.

  • romeo01
    romeo01 ✭✭

    Same problem here, so there is no solution so far.

    Please Nokia give us some news

  • rvandenhil
    rvandenhil ✭✭
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    It will not install for me as well. hangs at 70%. wanted to ADB flash with Android studio but this phone does not have hardware recovery access for security reasons around theft. Means developers cannot use this phone as well.

    Just contacted support about this issue. It feels like this incremental update has an issue building on top of April's OTA update. It feels like it's bugged for sure. The phone itself and other things seem fine. Maybe Android pushed the May update too soon who knows

    On the Nokia website it says the June OTA is out, but I have not seen it being pushed yet. Maybe it will never happen due to this May update loop. Anyone has experience with this?

  • Same problem 🫤 I got some instructions from from the Chat support to solve that problem, but no succeeded.

  • W.
    W. ✭✭

    My phone did not start up after the may update. It was locked. Because my phone was in the guarantee period, I sent it to the webshop I bought it from. As possible cause of the problem I wrote "Google security patch 2023-05". I have received my phone back. The problem was solved with software. My phone started as if it was a new phone. But it worked.