Nokia G60 with Android 13: SD card

Hi there,

I have a Nokia G60 running Android 13.

This is the 64 GB version.

The problem is that the system files take up about 52 GB.

Taking into account the applications, there is no space left on the phone !

I bought a 64GB SD card with the goal to extend the internal stockage space to 64 + 64 GO but the phone won't let me install it as INTERNAL extra space.

Do you know how to use an SD card as internal memory ?

It seems with some phone vendors, it is also possible to install the Applications on the SD CARD. Is it the case for Nokia G60 ?

Do you have any other solutions for me ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


  • s0l0
    s0l0 ✭✭

    52GB of system files seems excessive to me... Androd12 on a Nokia 2.4 is only 12GB... surely 52GB is a mistake on Nokia's part???

  • I have exactly the same problem with mine, starting a few weeks ago. Even with deleting most photos and removing all but essential apps, the phone has ceased to work. 59GB for the system! Android 13 is running on the device. Any advice on how to fix this?

  • I have the 128GB variant and the system takes up 19GB.

  • Eluaeg olen Nokia fän olnud aga nüüd vist on lõpp . laadiat kaasas pole isegi ei mõista veel kuidas 2 kaarti ja mälukaart sisse käivad...... Hale saast see g60 5g!!!😥

  • If the 128GB variant uses 19GB for Android 13 while the 64GB variant uses more than 50GB for Android 13 then I think we have discovered that Nokia have made a mistake in the over the air updates!

    Do Nokia mods read these and feed back or do all of us need to contact Nokia support to report the issue and refer back to this thread?

  • Reset the 64GB version of Nokia G60 and the system now only uses roughly 12GB (it was over 50GB) of the internal storage.

    So seems that a factory reset seems to fix this bug. It remains to be seen if the problem re-appears... but at least the phone is usable again. Annoying to have to reset as did not have complete backup!!

    Anyway for others who's phones are complaining of shortage of free storage it may be wise to turn on google drive backup of your phone, check all your important apps are backing up to google drive and then reset the phone to factory. You can then re-setup the phone and restore from the google drive backup.

    Hope that helps someone!