Update for Nokia G22 available in UK🇬🇧

Update available, software update for android 12 & security patch 2.39GB, installed it last night, no issues so far.


  • G22Update

  • That's great to hear! I appreciate you letting me know about the software update for Android 12 and the security patch. I'll make sure to install it on my device as well. Thanks for sharing your experience, it's reassuring to know that there haven't been any issues so far.

  • We were promised Android 13 but it's no longer on the eligible list yet lesser spect and older phones are. Why, when we were promised but all I have had is security updates, my G22 isn't locked to one provider as it was a direct purchase, Nokia used to be a trusted brand but these days it's more focused on selling new phones than keeping new phones up to date. Android 13 was released last year and only the flagship phones are getting android 13 shipped.

    If I could return the phone and get a full refund I would, Nokia has lost my trust after years of owning Nokia phones.