Nokia T21 US model

I have only had this T21 for a few days but updating this T21 US model has been a challenge. Are there monthly updates? When I first setup my T21 , April 2023 was the last update that I could get. I tried to manually update the tablet and it seemed like it would get hung up and stop. I did a factory reset and I continued as a "guest" and now the monthly update shows May 2023 and still on Android 12. Is there anyone else experiencing the same issues with the T21 US model tablet?


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Hello, the updates can be irregular in some regions. So, they may not appear every month in certain parts of the world.

    Also, if your tablet supports SIM card, then it is recommended to remove the SIM card and then restart the updates. Sometimes the delayed updates are because of the carrier/operator and a SIM-less status of the tablet can help bypass that.

  • That is helpful information to someone that is new to the Nokia tablet ecosystem.

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