What are the brothers who failed to upgrade

What do brothers who fail to upgrade do? Do you all send the original factory for repair and replacement of the motherboard yourself?I see that many people in the community have recently upgraded the system and had problems, but the G60 device does not have the option of rec Factory reset. Once the system fails, it will not be able to start and restore to normal. If anyone has experience, please come in and chat with me. This device has a high failure rate, and is there a way to unlock BL.


  • 下面是中文翻譯,簡單說就是這臺機器沒有recovery的功能,確實是有一個rec分區,但非常遺憾的是,諾基亞5.3,8.3都有清除數據的選項,唯獨G60是沒有的,它的rec分區僅有重啟到fastboot選項、重新啟動、關機這三個選項,沒有雙清選項,這就導致系統一旦出問題將沒有任何辦法解決故障。只能更換主板。

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    Hello, a Nokia care center will be able to factory reset the device in fastboot mode. So, if you face issues, you can reach to a Nokia Care. They will factory reset the device.

    You don't need to replace the motherboard. Let me know if you still have any concerns.

  • Hmm. Sounds a little off-putting, but then what are the chances you'll need to be in there to reset the device?