Nokia G22

I have just purchased a Nokia G22 and I am setting it up for use.

I cannot find where I can put the return arrow and home buttonon the bottom of the screen.


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Hi, the phone uses Navigation Gestures by default.

    You can switch to the 3-button navigation by going to:

    Settings => System => Gestures => Navigation.


    Actually posted a reply comment in the G21 owners section since there was already a chat going on about this problem.

    The short of it is, this phone is utterly rubbish for Android Auto users, it may work once, or even a week, but no matter the cable, no matter how many restarts etc it is hopeless despite the phone claiming to have auto support.

    My previous 5.3 worked 98% of the time with android auto, so the phones tech is going backwards I think.