Double tap to lock

We need double tap to lock not to unlock...

Double tap to lock
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We need double tap to lock not to unlock...


  • jim in pa jim in pa
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    There are numerous apps in the playstore you can download that allows you to do that.  

  • qme qme
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    Why should I use third party app when it can be added to system updates. I think Nokia need to add it.
  • Third party app doesn't support fingerprint, face unlock, double tap to unlock,...
    I miss this function on my old Xperia. I wish we could have it as well.
  • Dwarkesh Dwarkesh
    Double Tap to lock is more sensible and required than double tap to unlock if already fingerprint sensor is there why double tap wake is required.
    Secondly, There are apps on playstore but these use force lock system so ask pin or pattern on next unlock , you can't unlcok with fingerprint sensor it's says" locked by admin".
    Thirdly, why we use third party app if Nokia can make it out by doing just little extra effort in system update.
  • Julian Mthimunye Julian Mthimunye
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    When nokia was still Lumia, it had both double tap to unlock and double tap to lock using the space in action keys(start, search and back). Nokia should convince google to add this feature since the nokia 6/6.1/x6 is using stock android/androidone
  • A Simple Launcher, free on the Google Play Store, can do that (Nova Launcer).

    Also are great for the personalization what allow.

    Try Them :)

  • Latest Microsoft Launcher adds this capability. Quite nice really.
  • Dwarkesh Dwarkesh
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    I think some are not getting Why we install third party launchers etc on phone if Nokia can add "double tap to wake up " then Nokia can also reverse that . But some are more interested in third party launchers Somer are interested in third party apps why ? Why we rely on these ? It's just a simple task for Nokia to add this in next update. If Asus zenfone's low cost phone manufactured in 2013 can do that why not Nokia? & Why some people have issue with that instead of supporting this promoting third party apps over here
  • AndroidOne is an unadulterated version of the OS. With so many whiny crybabies on these forums complaining about how slow Nokia is to roll out updates and 'missing' features, it's really quite amusing. Personally, I prefer the AndroidOne experience -- then choose a launcher if the stock doesn't fit my needs and preferences. As stated in earlier post, I'm surprised how nicely this <$300 phone has performed vs my previous Lumia 950XL. Only piece missing is Qi wireless charging. Great phone -- impressive service HMD/Nokia.

  • munnasharma munnasharma
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    Yes I, Nokia We need double tap towake features. Please Nokia add this features with android Pie.

  • Dwarkesh Dwarkesh
    NOKIA PLEASE" ADD DOUBLE TAP ANYWHERE ON SCREEN TO LOCK " and another thing Android One Doesn't mean Nokia can't add basic practically usable features . Mi Xiaomi A2 is also an android one phone but it have Its own basic apps and features like IR blaster app, etc
  • Dwarkesh Dwarkesh
    Some are saying install Microsoft launcher from playstore, I think they really don't own Nokia 6.1 plus they are just here promote 3rd party apps . Please installe and use double tap feature of Microsoft launcher on Nokia 6.1 plus then comment . Please do not misguide Nokia 6.1 plus users. It's not working requires pin to unlock i.e fingerprint unlocking is not allowed as device is locked by Admin. There is no image or attachment facility over here otherwise I have posted screen shots with proof.
  • I own a 6.1 (TA-1068), never made any claim about 6.1 plus - and this is 6.1 forum.

    Under MS Launcher v4.13.1.45878 settings, open gestures. Halfway down turn choose double tap and set to screen lock. It's easy and works well.

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