Capacitive Buttons' Light Request

Hello, I have one suggestion for the backlight of the capacitive buttons in the upcoming Android Pie update.

Capacitive Buttons' Light Request

mihail tinchev mihail tinchev
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I have one suggestion for the backlight of the capacitive buttons in the upcoming Android Pie update. It would be great if you include an option to turn its light off completely. Now, there are options for the light to be on for 2, 4, 6, 8 sec., and Always. I am sure that there are many people, beside me, who want sometimes to turn off the backlight of the capcitive buttons too. Please consider this request and if possible, add it in a future update. I would be very thankful if others also share their opinion and support this wish.


  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    Presumably if you select gesture navigation rather than button navigation in Pie you will render the capacitive buttons dead albeit at the expense of some screen space.
  • I do not like the new gesture navigation in Android Pie a lot. I am pretty sure that I will be using the old navigation buttons. It will just be great if Nokia adds an option to turn their backlight off.
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    I cant see it happening myself mate, people have been asking to use them as notification lights for nearly a year and i don't think anyone from HMD has even commented on that happening so hoping someone will take notice of being able to turn them off seem unlikely doesn't it :(

    I have gone the other way with mine, the lights turning on and off was distracting so i made them just stay on when the screen is on and i don't notice them now.

  • I had mine set the same way, but they were starting to annoy me when I was watching a video or reading. Now I have them set on 8 sec. so they do not blink when I am using the phone, but go off when I am not touching the screen for a longer period of time. But since I know their location, the best option for me would be to turn their light off. I hope someone from Nokia is reading the problems and requests that the people are sharing in this forum.
  • I'm totally agree with you. These annoying lights should be turned off. It is like torture while I'm using my phone at dark night!
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