Don't buy phone from Nokia's site

I have order nokia 6.1 plus on 19th September 2018. But still Nokia is not confirm my order or not giving any status regarding my order.

Don't buy phone from Nokia's site

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I have order nokia 6.1 plus on 19th September 2018. But still Nokia is not confirm my order or not giving any status regarding my order. I had called, chat and also email to nokia but they just reply wait for 24 hours. Now it's 72 hours completed still only one reply wait for 24 hours. Why it's take so much time to just booked the order? Is HMD global playing with customer on the name of Nokia? NOKIA don't have service quality now. I was interested in Nokia because of it's service. Now they have disappointed me.


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    Unfortunately this is another tale of poor communication from the customer service team at HMD.

    I find myself writing this kind of reply more and more often, which I find quite saddening. I, like many, was really excited about the return of "Nokia Phones". I knew that it would take some time, I knew there would be some hiccups, but this increase in complaints about customer service (generally) is very disappointing. For me great Nokia hardware was always accompanied by great customer service experience, but the new Nokia phones are lacking this experience. What are HMD doing to improve this?

  • Same experience with me and now I am facing cancellation and refund issues..2 weeks are over 

  • i am also facing same problem 

    its over 2 weeks i am not getting my refund amound

  • My phone is cancelled at last, and got the refund too. This procedure took around more than 20 days. But HMD Global is having the worst customer support and taking longer time for feedback.

  • They initiated my refund but after initiation of refund it's already 10 days gone my money is not refunded to my account
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    I think 20 days is not too long to wait in my experience, it's about the normal amount of time. Companies always have a process to go through for all refunds, they have to make sure that they have definitely not sent the stock, that they have received it back, that there was an error, etc - they have to make sure your claim is genuine and honest, otherwise they could be giving phones away for free.

    I appreciate that the cost of a phone is not small and that for us, people, we often need to receive the money back quickly to be able to pay for other things. So, I know the delay can be frustrating, but I would only start to get very corried if I had not received either the item I purchased or the refund after one month.

  • Today I got my refund
    But they should improve there refund related things
    Other e commers like Flipkart and Amazon refunds within 7 days
  • I agreed Mr. Madbilly but can u imagine if u order a phone from Nokia portal and if u try u cancel the order as per nokia norms that cancellation within 4 hrs after booking..U will find that order cancellation button is become disabled and can't cancel ur order then what will happen..Same thing happened with me..So I called customer care and tried to cancel the order and also conveyed the msg that there is no provision for cancellation of the order..After that conversation I called many times to customer care to atleast update the status on my booking order on Nokia My Account..But it was not updated rather I got the status that order is ready to dispatch..Then tell me who will trust on HMD global that ur refund will be processed. I don't know ur experience but Nokia portal is designed to fool the customer..
    I had bad experience with this portal and will never by a phone from Nokia site.
    Amazon or flipkart atleast update it with message and mail and also on ur login account..but with nokia j will never receive a mail, msg or call regarding ur order..Ur order status will be always in air..
    Can u answer now?
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    Yes that's frustrating, and worrying, when a website doesn't give you the correct information! I've had this issue with many websites in the past. I agree that Amazon and the other large online shops have much better order tracking, but even they get mixed up sometimes. I don't think that Nokia's website is designed to fool the customer (that would be illegal) but it's just not very well linked to their warehouse and delivery system. I hope that HMD can improve this in future.

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