Nokia 6.1Plus Mic problem during calls

 I'm having mic problems during phone calls, when switch to speakerphone the mic works fine. It only occurs during normal calls.

Nokia 6.1Plus Mic problem during calls

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 I'm having mic problems during phone calls, when switch to speakerphone the mic works fine. It only occurs during normal calls. The problem doesn't only occur via the phone application, but also during other ones. the mic works fine when i react with google assistant. Is there a solution for this problem, because i see that more people have the same problem.


  • I have the same problem. It's mostly when I receive calls and sometimes when I make the call. Mic in video, WhatsApp and Google assistant call works fine. Could be software bug.
  • I have a much similar issue, that is the microphone not working even for google assistance or sending voicemail and sometimes during normal calls. Just fix this bug asap. This occurred to me after pie update only 
  • I have a similar issue with iPhone headphones where the microphone does not work. I can use Philips headphones without issue and the iPhone headphones in other android devices. Anyone else have the same problems?
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    I am facing the same problem with mic. During call the mic goes blank..the person on other side is not able to hear anything..sometime bothy the parties are not able to hear. Switching to speaker the call works fine..I visited nokia care, they are not willing to repair, saying it is network problem. The problem was reproduced in front of them. Still they won't listen. Surprised at their behaviour. The centre at Shakarpur Delhi. I need replacement or refund. How to get it can anyone suggest
  • Hi have same issue of microphone after Android 9.0 upgrade. The mobile was purchased on 23rd Jan and the problem started .Nokia sucks

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    I can not use microphone also :'(
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    I have never ever expected such quality from Nokia. Basic Need of Mobile call i.e. Microphone is not working with Newly purchased Nokia 6.1 Plus
  • I had purchased nokia 6.1 plus on 11-Jan-19, after one month i had faced mic problem. i gave to nokia service care on 06-Apr-19.
    But  till now they have not give my phone after the 20 days they told me spare not available and they told me a new phone will be give with in one week but still not give new phone almost 40 days are completed.  i have reached customer care like as  Email, Twitter and customer care phone.
    this is nokia job sheet no: 335465550/190416/001.
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