When is Android pie for Nokia 8 going be released?

When is Android pie for Nokia 8 going be released?

When is Android pie for Nokia 8 going be released?

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When is Android pie for Nokia 8 going be released?


  • chotuoo7 chotuoo7
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    is nokia 8 get android P update

  • I'm waiting fr it. 7plus is listed....
  • Nokia 8 will get Android P when it is ready, but I don´t think we will get beta, it is 7 plus that will get the Android P beta this time.

  • @gelemannen I suspect the Nokia 8 will get a beta of Android P but via Nokia beta labs rather than Google.

  • user1517736736022 user1517736736022
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    When Nokia 8 get android p
    Model no 1004
  • If Google releases source of a final version in August like in case of Oreo, we will most likely get it in December (and a beta month earlier). At least this was the case with Oreo.

  • imchandu03 imchandu03
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    I think Nokia 8 have Physical capacitive buttons, and in android p phone is accessible through onscreen keys by gesture support so Maybe Nokia 8 lacks in gesture support
  • Official @Nokiamobile Twitter account says
    Hi, the Android Pie is currently available for the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8, roll-out will be phased as usual to secure quality delivery. U can check out the tweet on Nokia mobile Twitter account
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    and if you read the replays you will see the Tweet was in actual fact wrong.

  • Maybe, am not from Nokia
    Just a user, I have pasted their tweet only here
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    It hasn't even entered public beta yet so a couple of months at least i'd say.

  • nobody knows i think
  • So far, there is no stable update for Nokia 7 plus, so it will not be so soon.

  • May be end of October beta update start
  • November 2018
  • Hello all ,
    Just wanted to know if android P is on cards for nokia 8
  • Sometime in November is the latest I've heard.

  • marsic marsic
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    Does anyone know of a date (day) when we should expect the update on our 8? I couldn't find details for when the rollout begins
  • I've contacted their stor suport through the Nokia support app and they didn't specify a date. Only told me that many of their colleagues are also waiting for the update... Considering that almost all previous updates came on the 17th of the month, I guess that's a rough estimate for the November update too, although I very much hope for an earlier date, to be able to return the device if issues aren't solved. Fingers crossed!
  • Outside of "November 2018" no one knows.

    @MrBelter There won't be a beta for the Nokia 8 so we can thank those people with the mid range 7.1 if we get a bug filled update!!?!
  • marsic marsic
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    Well hopefully the mid-range users would have been the beta testers so we could receive some extra bug fixes, if HMD actually listens and cares for bug reports. I also hope that they worked on more than just some tuning on low-light photo post-processing; for example the camera app stability and the abysmal (read: missing) macro-shot mode, even though the camera app has the option.
  • @Terminusaquo my beta comment was based on the last 2 OS releases for the Nokia 8, although it was speculation i have yet to see any official news saying there will or will not be a beta for the Nokia 8.

  • @MrBelter Well given that the public release is supposed to be November and we are already in November I would say that there won't be a beta for the Nokia 8.
  • Nokia 8 is a flagship model, I expect it will be the 1st one to have Android P officially.

    Is there any schedule ?
  •  gesture support is optional unless you own a pixel 3

  • 30 days in November mate, there is still time for a 3 week Beta when a full release.

    Probably wont happen but i wouldn't rule anything out knowing Nokia.

  •  Then a full release not when, if only this forum had an edit function.

  • Who said it is default, it is optional yes, unwanted replies belter
  • And yet it was fine for you to say that gesture support may well be lacking on the Nokia 8 because of the capacitive buttons.

    How very hypocritical of you Imchandu03 to come back with such a post when at no point previous to my "unwanted replies" in this thread have you said that gesture support is optional.

  • siwe siwe
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    MrBelter, those on screen buttons, won't be a problem for us, Nokia 8? Or maybe is it why we haven't gotten the Android P up to now? I'm worried we might miss the update due to our keys not being on the screen. Shed some light, if any available for us Nokia 8 owners.
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