Nokia 8 Microphone problem PLEASE HELP !



  • Where is VoiP? Cant seem to find it.
  • This is a really strange issue. I recorded 3 videos in fairly short succession during a family outing. The first one had normal audio recording, but the two following had the noisy scratchy audio recording issue. I am still not able to do phonecalls on my Nokia 8, the issue remains where I can hear the other person just fine, but all the other person hears is loud scratchy noises as if I was calling in a storm.
  • I had an interesting discovery just now. I got a phone call today, and as usual the other person could only hear loud scratching noises. But then I turned on speaker mode, and then suddenly the other person could hear me fine and clearly. If I then switched off speaker mode again, the other person would again hear loud scratching noises. I repeated this several times throughout the call, and every time the speaker was on during the call the other person could hear me fine, and when the speaker was off, the person could only hear that loud scratching noise.
  • I believe thats because the phone is using other microphone when you turn on "handsfree" but I may be wrong.
  • after week of microphone working it went noisy again, it seems the solution is possibly starting class action against HMD global.

  • I was wondering if this issue only affects specific color. What color is your phone?

    Mine is COPPER

  • Tempered Blue
  • Tempered blue for me as well
  • I've got the same problem. I can only phone with speaker mode on. I can talk to the Google Assistant and I can send voice messages. But video recording won't work. I tried a factory reset, but it didn't help. The problems occured a few days ago, before I've been using the phone without any problems since September. Mine is Steel colored.

  • Tempered Blue TA-1052 64GB Hong Kong version here. Same problem. However for me this had been persistent after I first noticed it. Tried factory reset, firmware updates but nothing helped. A nice phone when it worked. Now garbage.

  • My is as well HK edition from DWI. Other phones?
  • Same problem here! :(

  • TA-1012 Global version, bought in Germany. In my case the problem seems to be persistant, too. I can only imagine it's a hardware bug and it's sometimes only seemingly fixed by software When for some reason the malfunction microphone is not used. I hope it can be fixed or I can get a new one, because It's a very good phone otherwise..

  •  I have the same issue, posted on a different thread:

    I had the phone repaired and they replaced the microphone.  Issue came back a week after being returned to me (only thing I done was accept the 8.1 upgrade and restart, then BOOM).  At this stage I think it's a software issue, maybe a driver?

  • If you have this issue, send Nokia an email, let them know that more customers have this issue !

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    Nokia doesn't give a **** about us or issue.
    I had emailed them the thread. We are left cold in the dark.
  • @Freeloader Sure thing. What email address did you use for the one you sent a while back?
  • Cold feet are here

    We apologize for the inconvenience that caused.

    Referring to your inquiry, we would like to advise you to contact the seller, in order to check and repair your Nokia 8 phone.


    We hope that the above information is useful.
    Any other question you may have are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us again.

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  • It's really hard to see through. I think in my case issue occured without getting a software update. But not sure as I probably didn't notice it immediately. And I would expect a software bug to disappear when doing a factory reset, but possibly it's a firmware bug. Let's see, what happens when I get mine back.

  • The issue is appearing and disappearing with different updates. 

    Did anyone get any new info from Nokia or local vendor? Any new discoveries on the issue?

  • I don't know if your problem is same as mine, but it turned out that sometimes when I hold my phone, I cover the microphone with my little finger! The microphone is placed on the wrong side, it should be to on the right side. (Pun intended)
  • Thought about this too but no, thats unfortunately not the case.
  • I have the same. People asked me if I am riding on the back of a truck. This is maybe our reward to be loyal to Nokia. Come on Nokia. Fix this.
  •  i also have this problem. lets get a facebook group started! its bullshit. should have rather bought a samsung j7. cheaper, better and reliable

  • Same here, i can hear them but they can't hear me.. Only some strange electrical or wind noise.

    It appears there are two microphones on the nokia 8. One above the camera at the back of the phone and one at the bottom edge.

    If i speak directly through the one at the bottom, they can't hear me. I i speak through the one at the back, they can but it's not of a good quality.

    And if i put the phone in speaker mode, both microphones produce good sound... So this is probably a software problem..

  • According to that test: the Nokia 8 even has got three microphones. But I've no idea where the third one is either. Mine is repaired on warranty know and I haven't noticed the issue since. Although I did a software update. But I am still a bit afraid that it will come back. Would be really good to hear an official statement about it. 

  • Mine has the same problem. I send it in warranty repair. I keep you posted if that helped for my case.
  • Just purchased the device three days ago, automatically updated to Oreo and on the first use I am facing the same issue. Strong wind sounds heard by the other side of the call; everything is of it I am using whatsapp voice notes or the speakerphone or BT, headsets.

    Contacted Nokia chat support and after some useless troubleshooting; they advice me to go to my local service center. That's a shame since I have two Nokia 6 and working perfectly. I thought Nokia 8 would be even better.

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