Nokia 8 Microphone problem PLEASE HELP !



  • This problem has now appeared on my phone. First I got the headphones sounding bad problem and got my device replaced. Now this problem appears. I will ask at which point I am allowed to get a total refund and buy some other device because clearly these Nokia devices are low on quality.

  • Same problem here
  • My problem was solved at the warranty repair. They changed the microfones and updated the software. Finger crossed that the repair was final.
  • I also now have the same problem on my 2 month old blue Nokia 8, nobody can hear me.
  • idk if i have the same problem or not, in my case it happen when i calling from messenger (line,whatsapp,duo) the person speak to me said my voice disappear sometimes, but when im using my jabra stealth the voice really good & when try to call from network always loud and clear. recording video with my phone and have no issues with the microphone.

    im using global vers TA- 1004.
  • I got my phone back from warranty and all they did was reset the phone and install some updates, so it seems to be yet another weird software issue.

  • I think I figured out what the issue is. For me issue appeares if I drop the phone even just a bit from a height of around 10cm (4 inches). After certain time the issue disappears. 

    The issue should be due to bad connection/soldering.

    Please correlate your "phone dropping" experience to the microphone problem.

  • Has anyone got the issue resolved?
  • No.

    I still have the problem after 6 months, no official reply from Nokia, all you can do is send it to repair with your warranty.

  • I have had a pretty serious convo with the nokia customer care.
    Looks like I really got on their nerves.

    "Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care,
    We really sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced with your Nokia 8.
    Actually, we are Global remote support in your case the best solution will be contacting your local customer support at [email protected]
    They will be able to help you to get support for your device.
    In case that you have any additional questions please hesitate to contact us again.
    Best regards,
    Nokia Mobile Care"

    They asked me to give my phone to care center and get it repaired, but I told them that repairing is only a temporary fix.

    This was their most recent reply.
  • Problem with my Mic was solved by Store.
    They send the Phone to a Authorized Customer Center.

    They changed Mainboard because the Mic at the top of the Main cameras was broken:
    3. Microphone

    You can see full mainboard and mic in this video:

    For accurate check, i recommend check the following:
    - Make phone call
    - Make video
    - Use "Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder" with different settings (e.g. "unprocessed" mic selection)

    Check also this video on YouTube, mabe you find some answers in comment section:

    I let you know in case, problem appears again in future.
    One last thing: Don't debug too much, just bring back to store.

  • I had to send my Nokia 8 to repair on my own expenses so hopefully after they fix it the problem wont come back.

  • Same problem here. Indeed, I have updated to April security patch and problem still exists. Is impossible to make a standard call. Receiver can not hear me. Hope this will get solved soon.
  • same problem. i have to use headphone when making calls. so disappointed about nokia 8.

  • I have just received a brand new phone from carphone Wearhouse after taking mine back with broken mic, hopefully this one will last longer than 2 months.
  • I bought a TA-1052 model in March and this problem started happened randomly less than one week after I unboxed the smartphone. In my opinion it's a software problem for which the 2 microphone is not able to calibrate itself during a call. I never use in-app vocal messages, so I don't know if I have problems even there. In my case, when the problem occurs, strongly blowing straight into the microphone above the camera immediately solve the problem for the current call making the other person hear me perfecly. It's not a definitive solution but it's something. Hopefully HMD will iron out this problem very soon.
  • I have a couple of weeks old TA-1004. Microphone problem straight from the start. During installation all system and security updates were made. I bought this from Nokia shop online. No problems IF I make the call. Somebody calls me and cant hear me. Not very proud day to be Finnish. :(
  • Same problem for me.
    I did some testing and I think it's something to do with the noise cancellation and a fault or loose connection with the rear microphone. I was able to cure it sometimes by gently tapping the back of the case where the rear mic is.
    As others have mentioned, using speaker phone also works reliably.
    The problem is that sometimes the phone works normally, other times the person you're taking to can't hear you. But they always sound fine to you so you have no way of knowing if the problem is present.
    For now I'm just using speakerphone all the time.
    I'll try and get to the retailer soon and see if they can swap the phone.
    I've had the phone for about 6 months. My partner has the Nokia 8 too, and has had it for the same length of time, but hers is still working perfectly.
  • Same problem here. After 6 months it started couple days ago. I thought it's bcs operator network but today I recorded video and it doesn't work too. It works just with headphones or speaker on... And when I'm calling via Viber.
  • I sent my Nokia 8 back under warranty ..They replaced the whole motherboard and it has solved the problem . I hope it lasts longer this time..
  • I dont know about you guys and I dont want to celebrate too soon but my microphone is working okay now for 2 weeks straight without any issues. I dont know if its really fixed or it will come back, but if by some miracle it is fixed finally, here is what could possibly fix it:

    1. May Security update (doubtful)

    2. I bought a new extension cord which I was using for charging my phone, I had some suspicion that it is linked to electricity. (this one has less V I think)

  • Interesting, mine has been fine recently too. Perhaps it is the May security update?
  • Looking forward breaking it with June update lol.

  • This problem stopped occurring in my phone too, the only thing common is the May security patch.
  • I now have the same problem and only started after the june update.
    Has anyone else still have the problem.
  • Wimmer
    Wimmer ✭✭
    Same problem... and still no answer from Nokia.
  • I started having this problem about 10 days ago and it has been persistent since. Having read through this thread I took inspiration from those tat thought that it may be a calibration problem between the multiple microphones.

    As I normally keep my phone in my jeans pocket it seemed logical that it might be down to some fluff or dust obstructing one of the microphones.

    So I took a household  vacuum cleaner and cleaned the edges of the phone and at the back over the camera.

    Immediately after doing so I made a test call and the problem was gone. It's only about two days now but I have had no problems since.

    Hopefully this can help others, would love to hear if it is successful or not.

  • Mine will only work correctly after it has connected to my car via bluetooth and then disconnected or with hands free speaker on, but then problem comes back about a hour later. I have taken it to the store twice where it was purchased, but both times it has been working correctly when checked, so they say there is nothing they can do for me until they can verify the problem (Both times it was connected to my car before taking into store) Ended up buying an Oppo. Least this is more reliable than my Nokia (Never again Nokia)
  • Same problem here.. don't know what to do..getting disturbance sounds only during calls..but it's fine when using earphones or loudspeaker mode.
  • I started having this same problem suddenly a few days ago.
    The stock camera app records a horrible noise on the video, just like there's a jet plane flying over. Recording with some other camera app does clean job.
    How is it, have you all replaced your devices?