Android P update! When?

So September is almost finished, when are we getting the update?

Android P update! When?

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So September is almost finished, when are we getting the update? I am starting to feel like I wasted money on this phone and should have gotten something else because clearly HMD doesn't care about his model. I was promised very quick updates of android and bug fixes. So far it seems like every older and newer HMD phone gets more attention except this one, almost every other androidOne device including those from other brands seem to be doing better. Whats going on? reply plz, Cheers! 


  • When it's ready! The phone can run a generic Android 9.0 now, but if done properly they'll also update the vendor layer to 9.0 (including kernel) and boot loader. They need to make their release of Android 9.0 generic for Nokia devices, this would expediate monthly and other updates, and ease the burden of support Nokia will be facing with supporting current and future devices.
  • Fair enough, but seems like they taking way too long doing this compared to some of the other AndroidOne devices. They already had many months to work on this. When I bought it and was doing research I was told it should be only about a month or so behind Pixel with updates. 

  • HMD said that you receive PIE update in August but it is going too far please do something for this device
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    Feels like HMD Global is focused more on all other mobile phone models that they have, also Nokia 6 (2017) model and the new Nokia 6 plus with that silly notch, leaving Nokia 6.1 as an unwanted middle child hahaha. I think they are confusing even themselves with the amount of different phones they pumped out last 2 years, maybe if they kept things a little simpler and focused on just 4 or 5 phones they would have been able to deliver on their promises.

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    I don't understand what the big deal is you'll get it there's phones that are a few years old that have marshmallow still so don't get your panties in a bunge , you'll get it.
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