Unlock the Nokia 8 bootloader!

Thanks to Wilson Shretna for sharing this: https://mobile.twitter.com/sarvikas/status/1045298106818949120 https://www.nokia.com/fr_fr/phones/bootloader

Unlock the Nokia 8 bootloader!

madbilly madbilly
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  • Pechu Pechu
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    Finally, HMD opens their eyes. Maybe they are going to stop the software support for Nokia 8. Nevermind, now it's in the hands of devps. Waiting for the pie updates and unlock the bootloader once it hits.

  • wilson shrestha wilson shrestha
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    You're most welcome @madbilly :).

  • LennartB LennartB
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    I don't think they'll stop supporting the Nokia 8 soon, as Pie is still promised and security updates will keep going on for some time after that. However when my warranty expires i'll probably unlock it and play around with some other roms that are developed by then.

  • LennartB LennartB
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    And good job HMD, better late than never.

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Since it's an Android One device the security updates should keep coming for 3 years after launch date, so until August 2020 at the earliest.

    Now we just need the device tree, come on HMD!

  • alexkay alexkay
    ✭✭  /  edited October 2018
    Nokia 8 is a pure Android device, but not a Android One device. Anyhow, we can expect security updates as you said.
  • madbilly madbilly
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    You're right, thanks for correcting me. In fact, I've been trying to find where it was confirmed how long Nokia 8 would get updates for. The only thing I find is a reference to two years of security updates, not three, so we will only get updates for 10 more months (minimum).

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