Regarding September update

Its already 28th, when do we get september update to nokia 6.1 plus devices.

Regarding September update

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Its already 28th, when do we get september update to nokia 6.1 plus devices.


  • Compared to update speed,the thing i care more is the quality of the update.such as does this update would slove the problems like assistant application is locked in Android system application instead of the application user set (Google assistant). And the working speed of the new update is important too.
  • Nokia is planning in releasing their new phones now, wait till october & your phone will begin to explore new bugs soon, happy to use buggy phone without any updates this is the quality of nokia brand lol on their service quality. I will never buy any nokia device again, xiaomi android one smartphones are much better in updates
  • Wait for 1st.. Last update was on 1st of sep..

    We are lucky, this phone doesn't have any major issues but limited features because of it's pure Android. If u were zenphone max user then u feel nokia is much better...
    MI A2 has very poor build quality..And also Xaiomi is not always good at RAM management that's why they use better processor than its competitors to make odd, even...
  • As i know i got last update on 31st august & also the phone has major issues of heating & apps crashing , if we use the pure android why we got the camera app so dull and why apps crashing in pure android?
  • You will notice heating more when you are charging, gaming, video playback for longer time and in outside under sun..if u notice while doing these then it's normal.. As for me i notice heating more while m gaming.. After all its a budget phone..

    Nokia Cam isn't bad. The only con is it doesnt take much light in and giving dark images which most of the time is natural unlike oppo, vivo, zenphone which are brighter like makeup on making them look unnatural and their edge detection is very bad while nokia is very good at it..

    People compare it with MiA2 and redmi note 5 pro, they are superior because they have got sony sensor which is better than Nokia 6.1plus nokia sensor,unlike nokia 6 or nokia 7 which has carl zeiss optics which indeed more superior..

    U get what you paid for and its nokia. U know some people buy iPhone for 80k only because it has best camera phone because they trust Apple. 80k is way too high. .Brand also matters.

    As far as my knowledge Android one program allows 3 app changes only, by a company and i believe camera app is one of 3..

    Google Cam uses post processing tech to eliminate any issues in the image and make it much brighter than stock Cam.. U could side load that.. Hopefully nokia makes its stock Cam work like google Cam in future updates.
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