Niggling bugs...

Some things I've noticed in the stable release, none of them major but irritating nonetheless.

Niggling bugs...

shandroid shandroid
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Some things I've noticed in the stable release, none of them major but irritating nonetheless.

1. Look very closely at the home button. The inner dot isn't centred in the outer circle.
2. When device theme set to light, the date doesn't show in notification shade.
3. When using incognito more in chrome, the icon stays in status bar after closing (this happened in beta as well).


  • shandroid shandroid
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    Found so many more stupid niggling bugs and it feels like this is an old beta accidentally uploaded.
    More bugs even that the last beta.
    Please advise as to when this is going to be rectified, how I can downgrade or when you are going to allow bootloader unlocking and a factory image?
  • shandroid shandroid
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    Some more to add:
    Cannot tap on brightness bar anymore to set brightness, have to actually slide it.

    When changing DPI, many things get messed up such as power menu being oversized and things like nav buttons not drawn correctly.

    After charging the phone whilst powered off, it wouldn't turn back on. Had to hold power button for about a minute.

    In certain apps the status bar randomly goes white or translucent.

    There are plenty of things I haven't done with the phone yet so expecting to see more
  • ayanprokid ayanprokid
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    The icons of the quick tiles are so big that i can't see the the extra info related to a particular icon such as how many devices are connected through my hotspot, schedule time of night light. these text are getting hidden and is showing partially. please fix in next update. also the power menu sometimes gets too big sometimes its normal. Sure you guys rushed with the update. because consumer pressure but these small things needs to be fixed.
  • boswelja boswelja
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    A list of problems I've found:
    1. No date in quick settings with light theme selected
    2. Changing display size (DPI) in settings screws everything up. Apps end up smaller than what they used to while system elements appear to get scaled up and broken
    3. Fingerprint scanner is nowhere near as reliable, I can't even unlock my phone with any of my 4 fingers configured (it's roughly a 1 in 5 chance it actually unlocks)
    4. The digital wellbeing app that's included appears to be corrupt, you have to sideload an "update" for it to get it working
    Also, why is Files Go pre-installed? We don't need it because we have a built-in storage manager

  • qudrat qudrat
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    Also copy paste of words or picture from one to other in recent app screen not working
    It is a feature of Android P
  • shandroid shandroid
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    Also the auto brightness keeps resetting to lowest brightness when night mode is enabled.

    Even when battery saver is disabled, the whole os becomes slow and glitchy and fingerprint unlock has a noticeable delay.

    Most of the bugs noted so far on these forums would have been noticeable within the first hour of use, how on earth did this get past final testing?
    DP4 had less bugs than the stable version has!
  • In developer option set Display Dp dp 550. It will look good. Give it a try.
  • shandroid shandroid
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    550 DPI doesn't look good for people like me with dodgy eyesight and with that DPI the home button looks like a paper cutout.
    Don't know what's going on with this at all and I can't stop looking at the off centre home button
  • wyk wyk
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    I noticed sometimes notifications on lock screen are getting half cut down. A lot of downloads through Firefox, Chrome are getting stuck in notification while download is complete... to resolve this force close is only option. Sometimes navigation bar is getting full white & being freezed.
    If u quick lock & unlock ...u can see a glimpse of lock screen wallpaper in the top of the animation. To increase brightness tapping needs to touch the sun icon instead of tapping anywhere on the bar.
  • Ahmad Ahmad
    Lock screen message not appear after set up
  • wyk wyk
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    Music notification player is not showing untill uninstalling & reinstalling the app.
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