Android Pie Missing Features and Issues


Android Pie Missing Features and Issues

AniranSingh AniranSingh
 /  edited October 2
Hi. I have been using android pie since it was officially released on my Nokia 7 Plus i.e since September 28th and i have encountered a few issues and missing features that should have come along in android pie. I was going through the forums and saw it wasn't just me everyone had these issues which are as follows:
First, the missing features:
1. Shortcut editing should have been there but its not. When you press on edit after taking a shortcut it just asks to use photos or snapseed whereas it should open the new markup that was introduced by google in pie.
2. When you swipe up on home to view recent apps, you can't select text on a card to copy, paste or to make a quick search. This should also have been there.
3. There is no date information in the notification panel( When you swipe down from the notification area).
4. If a live wallpaper is applied you are not able to change the theme to dark, it just stays to light theme no matter what.

Now, for the issues:
1. When you open the app drawer the search bar should have been rounded. Its really the elephant in the room and you notice it the most when you swipe up and down to and from the app drawer and the rounded search bar of the dock turns into an odd rectangle.
2. When you receive group notifications from WhatsApp its doesn't display whether its from a group or the person directly as it just displays the person's photo with the message. This creates lot of confusion.
3. Like in the app drawer the search bar in settings should also have been rounded. Please don't break the rounded theme of android pie.
4. When the battery level reaches 15% or power saver is activated, there are these weird frame drops and lag especially when you swipe up and down from the app drawer or when you swipe up and down through the notifications in notification panel.
5. This last one is a personal nitpick, the search bar in the dock should been grey and change to coloured icons depending upon the wallpaper and through a toggle in the home launch settings.
The issues and missing features mentioned above do defy us the full and desired experience of android pie and it is requested that they are dealt with and the fix would be released at the earliest.
Thank you.


  • aniket thakur aniket thakur
    ✭✭✭  /  edited September 30
    If you enable dark mode date information will be there in notification. Apart from these bugs there are other bugs like:
    1. No animation in clock & calender icon like oreo
    2. Screen flickering
    3. If change display doing it mess up with power menu(when you long press power button)
  • I found another missing feature, there was supposed to be a lockdown feature present in power menu tray ( when you long press the power button). That is also missing.
  • shriram fowkar shriram fowkar
    ✭✭  /  edited October 2

    You need to enabled the lockdown option. Got to Settings->Security & Location->Lock screen preferences->Show lockdown option (enable this). You will get lockdown option in the power menu.

  • Another day another bug, the dual tone flash doesn't seem to work properly. It is using only the white led and other one doesn't glow at all, so there goes flash photography especially when there is a human subject involved. Please HMD global and Nokia team acknowledge the various bugs in stable android pie mentioned by the users.
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