Ghost touch

Sometimes im experiencing ghost touch. I can only fix it by locking then unlocking the phone. Is this a software issue? Are you also experiencing it?

Ghost touch

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Sometimes im experiencing ghost touch. I can only fix it by locking then unlocking the phone. Is this a software issue? Are you also experiencing it? Who knows how to fix it permanently? Thanks


  • chidvilas chidvilas
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  • I have another problem. Sometimes when I the screen gets locked or I locked the screen the light automatically turns on. And it happens almost 10 times. Whenever the screen light gets off within a fraction of a second the screen light turns on. Please help
  • madereality madereality
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    I have a similar problem, the display becomes insensitive to pressing and the phone can not be used until you lock and unlock the screen.
    Sorry for my English
  • I had the same problem they told me It would probably be an update issue or something like that, my phone seemed to go crazy, It didn't stop going back and forward, the bluetooth turned on and off, It took me about 5 minutes to be able to turn down the Phone, It barely reacted to my touch, It kinda scared me, once I turned on my phone the problem has disappeared apparently
  • erdie erdie
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    I have been having the same problem - the phone keeps going to sleep and then waking up. I think that it may be caused by grease from the fingers on the Fingerprint sensor/Home button. When it happened again today I wiped the fingerprint sensor/home button and the phone went back to normal. So hopefully I have worked out what the problem is, but what can be done about it long term - I don't want to have to keep wiping the button - what if I am away from home and don't have anything to wipe the button with?

  • I think it's software issue
  • Is it possible to claim my set from company ??? I face the ghost touch issue...
  • Ajex Shivam Ajex Shivam
    Im also facing ghost touch problem !
    Can anyone tell me it is a hardware or software problem?
  • Grobar Grobar
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    I have also discovered this problem recently. Whatever app I run, it closes by itself. Literally like there's some ghost pressing back button all the time. 
    So I thought a's happening only when I'm outside, never on Wi-Fi.
    Switching to 3G solved a problem. Also, battery life is significantly improved since I don't use 4G.
  • Puru Agarwal Puru Agarwal
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    Facing the same issue, it automatically open and closes random stops when i lock and unlock the phone...the situation is so annoying, that when i am on Gmail, it automatically writes mail and sends it to draft or anyone. 
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    I have similar problem. sometime my phone left button and right button working like ghost touch.....
    Please help.....
    First I imagine, when I gave the phone service center and went this promblem....
    If it is software problem please help...
    Sorry for my English
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  • Noobboy Noobboy
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    Hey i have a Nokia 3.1 plus. I came to know that many of these devices have a ghost touch problem. I observed that this problem happens more on a humid day. I am not sure but i think there is a relation. And also any update couldn't fix this problem. Can anyone tell any fix for this weird issue?
  • Heey i have same problem and i changed the screen 
  • Its just a source of charge imbalance. It can happen due to some dirt which canconduct electricity or water droplets. Sometimes wrong voltage supply through the charger also makes the display malfunction. Any source of charge disturbance leads to ghost touch.
  • hrishd hrishd
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    Guys I think I found the cause and the solution.

    It started happening to my 6.1 Plus almost 1 yr after the purchase date. After lot of charger/charging cable replacement I came to the conclusion that it has to do something about some charge imbalance on the screen.

    Now, I tried to fix it with different approaches i.e. replace charger, change cable even used USB vs wall charger but in vain.

    After thinking about it for a while, I thought that the charge is never getting released from the phone and hence the problem.

    One day I tried by placing my finger at the charging port at the bottom and voila the ghost touch was gone. I did this a couple of times after that and the trick worked every time.

    I think the charge just needs to be neutralized and the human body provides some kind of earthing effect or I don't know.

    Anyhow, thought I would share this with you. Maybe if you have a better solution, I would be glad to hear.

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