Android Pie Update - NOT

Hello, having the TA-1046 and coming from Germany. but there is NO update.

Android Pie Update - NOT


having the TA-1046 and coming from Germany.
but there is NO update.

I thought having an android one is a huge improvement because you receive update really quickly.

Nokia - do not do the same mistakes like in the Microsoft acquisition. trust is something very important.


  • if you can't wait for the OTA, you can manually update it. there is a guide on XDA.

  • Nokia always manages to get their customers upset about the software, even though it's stable.
    Didn't expect that this would be possible with android one. Obviously they did it again. What's so difficult about releasing a stock android phone? Why do you have to limit your customers? Are you Apple??? No. So please give us the freedom google intended. And i mean all of us. There's no reason to block the bootloader. There is no reason to limit language options on Chinese phones. There is no reason not to let Chinese users get access to the beta.
    Other brands have other problems, but i expected more freedom from an android one device.
  • @user1529438998112 it's not whether there is a sideload update guide but HMD promised to rollout the pie update in September, ended up only available to very limited number of users by the very end of the month, and the so-called "final release" still remains very buggy as we can read from other threads here, and I'm quite curious if any models other TA-1046 have received the update yet (P.S. using a TA-1062 Taiwan model here and no update since the September security patch yet)

  • TA-1046 Slovakia, not even September security patch, so yea, Nokia doesn't give a s**t about other customers, or communication with them. You see the CPO saying that the update is out to a few people, but doesn't say when will it reach larger userbase, or why did they stop rolling out the update, which is shameful

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    TA-1055 No update yet in Australia, also no September security update. I have a question for Nokia. What is the schedule for updates? Obviously "rolling out pie updates in September" was an over optimistic pile of steaming BS.but these things happen, now some phones have received updates. But when are the updates scheduled to finish? October? November? December? Next year sometime? An approximate time table with some level of detail would be appreciated for models, countries and timings and would certainly lessen the sense of betrayal of your customers. I for one bought this phone predicated on your advertising of quick updates of the android operating system, yet to see that happen. Not very impressed at the moment. I suppose my purchasing Nokia in future will depend what happens in the following days. 

  • clearly nokias' advertisement of timely updates are pure BS.
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    What's all this whining? I'm looking to buy this phone, using a nokia5 at the moment, alwaysvgot every security update by the 2 weekend of each month. How many phones have android P, tell me. I'm interested to hear.

    Keep in mind that nokia (hmd) started to sell their phones not so long ago, and they are updating nearly ALL their phones to android P, yes even the 2 years old nokia 5 too. How many companies do that?

    Stop whining, and wait for the update, it will com eventually. They might have pulled it because of issues, you can never know. The only problem with hmd is that they don't communicate, and never use this forum to update their forum goers, which I agree with you on. But FFS stop all this complaining, and "boycott" gmd because over nit picking and hair splitting
  • there is a world of difference between "eventually" and "timely"(which is btw they tell people as an android one device) why brag about it if they cant keep there promise in the first place?
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    Timely updates are true still, as they are providing the security updates with small delays. Eventually will mean soon, and most likely before VAST majority of other phone manufacturers.

    As for android P, again, how many phones have it already, excluding pixel phones?

    I would say that Nokia is way going the extra mile by getting pie in most of their phones.

    Android one doesn't mean you get the latest android on the same day as pixel. Please try to manage your expectations, android p will come I'm sure, and look around how many other non nokia phones will get it. Not that many
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    they are providing security updates? don't make me laugh, I'm still on august patch, and I've read about some users still being on may security patch...
    if only they admitted they handled this release as badly as they could...

  • its not our fault if a lot of people have expectations like that because that is what nokia promised them in the first place(which clearly they cant keep) and dont give nokia too much credit coz they have been a total disappointment so far. btw, other companies already started rollig out pie to some of their non android one devices with huawei being the latest
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    Good job Nokia, *removed* people off is the way to grat success.
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    I'm still stuck on the August security patch, and no sign of Android Pie anywhere. I'm in the UK btw. I guess the "timely updates" promises were BS.
  • It's available to manually download with plenty of guides on how to do it.
  • yes there are, but none of them has been made by nokia, it's been made by enthusiasts, people are angry that nokia doesn't care enough to answer their questions

  • well a have the Nokia 6 ta-1033 and am on 8.1 and have December security patch am in uk. Pretty impressive from hmd global if you ask me. Pies just around the corner.
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