Nokia 5 Worst Phone of My Life

Being Loyal to Brand Nokia and Expecting Too Much From Phone Will Make You More Disapointed

Nokia 5 Worst Phone of My Life

Being Loyal to Brand Nokia and Expecting Too Much From Phone Will Make You More Disapointed

- Slow user interface
- Freeze of applications
- Even dialer and call log dont reflect when needed
- Contacts dont show up that quick
- Battery hardly works for 6 -8 hours
- Phone gets over heated
- Applications dont work well and gets hang during usage
- Really bad decision on sentiments .
- Camera is Worst then Redmi 4 which is half the price of Nokia 5 so don't make sense even if you get unlimited storage on google photo

Never ever go with Nokia 5 think twice if you really care for your hard earned money


  • Seems you not have any updates. Please connect wifi and download latest updates,

  •  Its Updated 7.1.2 and Still Facing Same Issue

  • I was facing same issue at 1st, any apps (especially those saved in memory card) will be crash in loading most of the time. Visited care centre to help reformat, apps lagging issues mostly are solved now.
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    I can totally relate with my nokia 6 phone I've had since the preorders got finally delivered so around 6 months.. 

    Not a day has gone past that this phone hasn't had some issues, mostly apps crashing, taking minutes to load or while switching pages, launcher getting messed up by losing all widgets or randomly crashing(at least once a week), keyboard(or keyboards since I've tried like 4 different ones, apart from the original) being super slow to react, sounds not playing for notifications, background applications getting lost, incoming calls not being shown elsewhere but in the notification list...

    But the latest issue with the phone losing absolutely all of its sounds with every level maxed out, even the ones being played when listening to music, watching youtube etc. totally gone, until I rebooted/shutdown + started ~3-4 times before the sounds started working again, this has made me start looking for an alternative and am not likely to return to HMD phones..

    Oh and I've got the Oreo update, so I've got the endless notifications too..

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    I am extremely dissapointed with the phone. Those who have mentioned the issue I am in complete agreement with them.

  • I had none of the issue you had, on the contrary, best battery life since nokia n95. Update to oreo 8.0


  • Man i had same problem when i bough this phone,problem was in SD card. Buy SD card class 10 ,UHS-1 ,and setup sd card like extended internal storage. I hope this will help
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