Single thread for all pie bugs

Is it possible to create single thread for all bugs in nokia 7 plus android 9 update?

Single thread for all pie bugs

siddharth.p siddharth.p
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Is it possible to create single thread for all bugs in nokia 7 plus android 9 update? In that way we will get informed about bugs effectively and it will also help nokia to work on bugs easily. There may be many small bugs that are unknown to many. By creating common bugs thread we will get to know about them and we can cross check with each other


  • omissis omissis
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    I like this. 

    I kindly ask the mods here to make the thread sticky for higher interest

  • omissis omissis
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    How I did the upgrade : 

    1. reset to factory

    2. upgraded OTA while doing the setup assistant, AC plugged, WiFi to full steam and band (100Mbs, no interference)

    3. set device as new and jumped all the pages if possible, up to home screen

    4. gave an hour for installation to settle down then reset to factory again

    5. restored from GDrive backup 

    Issues so far : 

    1. Battery consumes a charge up to 1/3 faster compared to Oreo 8.1 with same SOT (no more than 3hrs in a full day) - consumption is much similar to Oreo while device is locked and standing by

    2. Notifications on locked screen look like squashed sometime (issue intermittent)

    3. Scrolling gives a feel of lagginess which wasn't ever detected when on Oreo; this is happening on third party apps so we can give the benefit of doubt waiting for apps to be fully compliant with P

    More to follow while testing


  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    MyVideo way:

    Oreo as it ist/was

    OTA in SD Card
    OTA Recovery per SD Card
    After Update
    Factory Reset


    Cant delete upper and lower Google Bars
    - Search Bar
    - Assistentin Bar
    Looks Like a Feature

    Only APP for me not Wirkung "Mobiles Bezahlen" drin S-Payment

    Cant deactivate "OK Google"
    No deactivate Button will work
    Feature? No deactivating?

    EQ in Google Music will only works (Nokia Headphones) when it sits 60-80% in the Headphones Hole.
    Less or more (Like it should to bei tight) Android the Bass/Surround Slider-will be greyed out.
    Only light in the hole Android i can Slide them.
    Really ugly, maybe it had to so wird Headphones+Mic ?

    Fastcharge will BE tested in the Körnung.

    Batterien Drain ist good and OK

    Nokia 7 Plus from Germany
  • random random
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    Happy with pie. On my phone the battery life is a little better and performance is great. Scrolling, app launch all good. I had an issue with my Pebble watch but I've fixed it.

    TA-1062 with 276 apps installed and using nova launcher.
  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    How can i edit my old Text here? 

    So... found another thing , bug, feature?

    I had (and i used it) an Bokeh Mode on the Selfie Cam (ok with one lens it was Maybe a Software mode),

    now i only have this on the normal cam.

  • Sein Sein
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    The ones that I found even after doing a factory reset are:

    1. Lockscreen message not appearing despite having saved it in Settings and all - Adaptive brightness not quite as intuitive as there were instances that the screen went too bright in a dim room

    2. Incognito notification dot not going away after closing it from notification bar. The dot only goes away after I pull down the notification bar again

    3. Not a bug but an annoyance: the Search Bar and Day/Date on homescreen that can't go away. They take a lot of screen real estate
  • wyk wyk
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    Some wallpapers making the entire navigation pane solid white.... looking like navigation bar... & that time if u try to change to dark theme ...the notification area remains white. Huge bug.
  • omissis omissis
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    You're right on Brightness, sometimes I think the device is trying to prank me :)

    DOT NOTIFICATION I noticed the dot in the status bar too, but I tend to see it as an expected behaviour because many new Nokia models will get the infamous "notch" in between the display so the status bar can't physically use more than a narrow space on the left corner

    WIDGETS: I heard that these not removable widgets come after Pixel UI fashion, in facts on the Pixels you can not remove them too so at the moment the workarounds I found are: 

    - to use a different launcher

    - to exclude the scroll-to-launch Google app in Settings

    Same goes to Calendar info: change launcher or turn it off in settings


    Were you able to switch from one mode to the other? (eg Pro to Photo and back)

  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    In Camera App?

    Camera working Well to Perfect

    Quality is finde (OK mabye deepblur on boketh seems a bit Low)
    but as i sayed, on selfie Mode (Face cam) boketh is Missing and i am Sure that ob Oreo facecam had an boketh Mode in the choice wheel (What really only can BE a Software Mode bescause selfie Cam only have one Lens) but now IT IS Missing.
  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    hey guyz, so there is no edit (after sending) button here on Forum?

    So, next Info. 

    FastCharge seems to work, at 52% i can see that the Level rise up in minutes to 58 60 64%.

    But, again to "OK Google", did the last Factory Reset (for me, so i hope) and, i can do what i want to do but "ok Google" cant be turned of.

    u can switch all switches but, it is still on. even if u turn of voice match complete, ok Google reacts on ok Google.

    Maybe a feature (massive Branding), hey why turn of Google functions on Google os on an Google powerd phone .oO( maybe i want this?)

    someone can confirm ?

  • vibhor vibhor
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    I did the upgrade install after hard reset. Here are the issues faced till now

    1). Bluetooth turned on automatically at night.
    2). Lock screen notifications are half cut and only half is visible. This is intermittent.
    3). Device performance like scrolling , app opening is degraded when battery is below 10% even though power saver is inactive.
  • cath cath

    The sound on incoming calls is reallys strange and low, almost impossible to hear, although volume is set on high. This is a change from before the upgrade.

    My calendar widget (DigiCal) does not work anymore, it is stuck on loading to tjhe screen.

  • omissis omissis
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    One good news for me : the issue with headphones with reverse detecting found on Oreo seems gone at the moment

  • user1531155731199 user1531155731199
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    I just upgraded my 7 plus to pie by doing a factory data reset but I am facing lot of issues.

    1. Phone heats up while using camera.
    2. UI size keeps changing automatically while big sometimes & small sometimes.
    3. Stutter and lag while using Google app.
    4. Icons and UI are too big sometimes on lock screen and power button too.
    Oreo 8.1 was great but pie is too buggy. Please fix this. It is very disappointing.
  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    Actualy Screen Auto Brigthness Works, but works bad.

    Thats on second factory Rest, First all was fine.
    Trying a 3rd
  •  Google Play Music Equalizer stopped working after getting 80% of the battery and going down (if it more 80% it will work fine),

  • omissis omissis
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    Interesting find for me, just happened

    If ambient display is set to show notifications and a notification is pushed through it, screen turned off,  the clock notification changes size from medium to small (like 1/3 smaller), after the pushed notification disappears

    If I press power button to show lock screen then the clock notification size is restored

  • Sein Sein
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    Is there an easy way to downgrade to 8.1? So many regrets upgrading to this "stable" Pie version (me typing this while the screen nearly blinds me by suddenly going bright in my unlit room). Also what's up with the dock bouncing around after i finish swiping to remove recent apps? Is it a new feature?
  • I also have the problem that Lock screen notifications are half cut and only half is visible. In the last beta it worked but now with the final release it appears. It's really annoying.
  • user1539534733708 user1539534733708
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    About the problem of the notification cut in half on lock screen. I asked to the support chat of nokia and after theese steps the problem seems solved:
    -go to settings, display, advanced, ambient display, turn off the new notification toggle.
    -go to storage, free memory and use it.
    -put the phone in safe mode by pressing power button then keep pressed the icon "power off" in the menu that appears and then press ok. The phone will reboot in safe mode.
    -Eventually reboot phone into normal mode

    I repeat, it seems has worke for me.
  • omissis omissis
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    New find

    Recent apps row , usually the First row or apps YouTube find when you open the app tray, is more updating despite that in Settings/Apps and Notifications the list looks like It is updated. Did anybody experience this already?
  • omissis omissis
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    Also, please upvote the OP so this can be more looked after , I suppose.
  • Update for notification on lock screen: the problem occurs whenever you use the ambient display. If you go to lock screen through a double tap after glance display the problem rise again. I've solved (waiting an official fix) by deactivating totally ambient display
  • This volume button change is ridiculous. A basic function of a phone is changing the ringer volume easily, its been that way for over 20 years, and now suddenly it controls media volume that I don't really care about? Why?

    The contextual volume from the previous versions made much more sense.

  • siddharth.p siddharth.p
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    About smallest display size option setting, display size option is not working properly. On smallest display apps get closer instead of getting smaller at their position. Pls confirm this problem.
  • siddharth.p siddharth.p
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    Pls vote this thread with i have this question. So that this thread will top popular threads section. It will be easy to get identified by nokia. Let's make this thread more effective
  • vibhor vibhor
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    Volume button issue was resolved for me by a restart.
  • I dont see how it could be resolved, it was built into 9 AOSP with no options to change it. Samsung added a setting to their build of 8 that allowed users to switch the button to control media. THAT is the correct solution.

  • Clock dissapeared on new update when ambient display is in use, only shows battery percentage at bottom of ambient display screen
  • user1531718910022 user1531718910022
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    mobile data keeps disconnecting
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