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Does the HMD development team pay attention to the forums?

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adbenj adbenj
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Does the HMD development team pay attention to the forums? It would be nice to know bugs have been acknowledged and are being worked on, rather than just *hoping* the team has noticed, or else bugging a member of a customer support with an issue of which they're potentially already aware.


  • JamieP JamieP
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    It seems to me that  "Anna" is the only person on these forums in any kind of official capacity and that appears to be no more than a PR role. There doesn't not appear to be ANY actual technical support here which is very disappointing for what is supposed to be an official Nokia forum.

    It seems better support and more information is available on 3rd party enthusiast sites.

  • I agree. The fact there seems to be no real communication from anyone with any direct role in the Nokia phones on their own official forum is concerning. Especially considering how of late alot of people are reporting that their not receiving updates and haven't been for awhile.

    What is the point of these forums which advertise themselves at least in part as a Support forum if nobody from Nokia is here to help?

  • JamieP JamieP

    I think the fact that no one from HMD/Nokia has posted on this thread to say "I'm here!" tells its own story.

  • Hi! 

    We wrote a post about how we monitor & moderate the forum here:

    Hope that clarifies some things. 

    Have a great day! 
    Anna (Moderator) 

  • adbenj adbenj
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    Thanks for the reply, Anna. Maybe a list of known issues or improvements the team is working on would be helpful?
  • Anna,

    You remark that you're not a big team. How many people are there in the HMD / Nokia Team exactly?

    Just curious.

  • Then why not answer questions that we ask

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