Navigator button not respond after leave over night

Hello everyone. I have issue with the navigator button.

Navigator button not respond after leave over night

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Hello everyone.
I have issue with the navigator button. After night sleep, an about 2cm from bottom up of the touch screen of my phone has not working but other work normally. I must restart the phone then it work again till next morning.
Has anyone have issue like me?


  •  Same here! Bought the phone a week ago. It happens almost every day, so have to reboot each time. Hope it's a software issue and it will be fixed with next update...

  • Yeah I have this issue too. Just slightly above the nav bar and the whole nav bar becomes unresponsive after laying idle over the night. After a reboot it functions for the remainder of the day, but having to reboot this phone daily is kind of annoying.
  •  Actually I think I kind of fixed it with factory settings reset. Two days now running smoothly, will see how it goes...

  • divvykev divvykev
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    Same here. Factory reset did not sort it for me. 

  • Tried resetting it after I first experienced the problem, it didn't solve it for me either.
  •  Posted earlier, thought factory reset helped, but it DIDN't actually, it worked smoothly for two days, on the third morning it started again.Hope it's not a hardware issue, the phone is brand NEW!! It never fell or else, WTF NOKIA???!?!?

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    I think it's a firmware issue because it was not happen in 8.1. Hope HMD will fix it soon!!!
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    The fix may turn up in an update far far away. Here in the UK I would still be on august oreo If I hadn't sideloaded pie myself.

    It's nothing short of stupid. Like the phone though so it's a dilemma
  • Saoshyant Saoshyant
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    Possible work around/fix; next time it happens, try going into menu -> system -> about phone and see if this wakes up the nav bar.
  • stakarVN stakarVN
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    I have the  same thing after a night not using the phone (not charging either).  The bottom 1,5 centimeter stops responding/registering (to) touch.

    I managed to capture the limits of the touch-capture.  I'm performing continuous touch but registration stops and appears when I get near the bottom.

  • user1540544767771 user1540544767771
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    About phone workaround works for me.

    HMD, I didn't get this phone to be your beta tester. Please fix ASAP.

  •  The fix really works, thanks! Glad it's not the hardware issue... Shame on u Android Pie~!

  • I have the same issue as well, every morning after having it on charge over night. Gets fixed if you go into the about section.. please fix, very annoying.
  • jawaid jawaid
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    Same issue nokia should respond to this issue
  • Hope the november 2018 update solves this ennoying problem.
    Update not received yet in the Netherlands
  • I haven't faced any such issue.
  • This issue is affecting my brand new 7 Plus as well. Please sort this out Nokia.

    A workaround had been discovered that temporarily fixes the issue. It is discussed here:

    I now have the December update and this issue is continuing to happen, even though the workaround has been out in the wild for well over a month.

    If this issue goes unresolved, this phone will be the last Nokia I buy.
  • Kheys Kheys
    Same issue here. However, we have two Nokia 7 plus in my family, the other one does not have this issue.
    I noticed that it is not caused by the battery saver as they are setup in exactly the same way.

    But I saw that in my device, which has the issue, in System > About Phone, the Touch panel firmware version is: "Novatek-V07 Goodix-V1.017.20", on the other phone, which works without problems, the version is "V07". The issue may be due to this difference. I hope it can be fixed soon...
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