Nokia fooled us by only giving 4mp front camera

I can find that the front camera is only 4mp where as Nokia native camera app is used to show this as 16 mp.

Nokia fooled us by only giving 4mp front camera

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I can find that the front camera is only 4mp where as Nokia native camera app is used to show this as 16 mp.
Why HMD fooled us and why this detail is not specified on the specs?
Even 6.1 has a better front cam than 7plus, really cheated a million people and broken the trust of Nokia.


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    Why are you liing here? In the options of the front camera, you can manage resolution. So what are you talking about here?

  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    16:9 = 4MP

    16:9 is not what u want to use for Photos (because we are all oldskool and dont like 16:9 Photos, even on 16:9 screens).

    But i must argree , there is one think i dont understand.

    They told us, front (Selfie) cam can use superpixel, for me, that is what Nokia and Microsoft didt before, something like PureView.

    So, how to use this?

    16MP and in Real the Sensor has more Mp than 16?

    or will this only work with lower MP Settings?

    On PureView u Chose lower MP and the Quality was better than with higher because of the PureView algo.

    I can remember they says. 7 Plus uses on Front Cam (Selfie) that Superpixel Mode, 4 Pixel will be One in the Endresult 

    but i dont understand how....(what Setting, on Windows Phone it was Clear... 19 MP no PureView, lower was with PureView).

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    Without any evidence, that's quite far fetched

  • I know what I'm staying here, please hold your fires. I really want to hear from Nokia aka HMD
    The problem we found after installing Google cam app and other camera app from Google Play Store.

    Nokia have used interpolation techniques to give 16mp but actually the sensor is only 4mp.
    They did tweak their native app only software to show 16mp not the sensor.
    You will also figure out this by installing any other camera app.
    I'm a senior member in XDA and contributing that respected and worth full forum.

    Just read this thread.

    Hope u guys will understand the tech and scam behind this. Nokia did this Chinese technique only on N7+ where as other mobiles are good.

    Any ans from moderator and HMD will be most welcome.
  • Dear, I'm also a big fan of nokia.
    But here they have used interpolation technique to get 16mp image out of 4mp sensor that means no resolution only a bigger image.
    They have tweaked their software to show 16mp but sensor is 4 mp only,To verify install any other camera app from play store and check the front cam resolution or try google Camera instead.
    This is a cheap chinees technique even MI not doing this.
    All other mobiles of nokia are good but they did this only in N7+.

    Checkout XDA forum for more details.

    I hope u guys will understand the tech and scam.

  • seanetta seanetta
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    Stop talking out your backside. I have the 7 Plus & the front camera is 16mp with fantastic detail. There is no scam. 

  • Just install other camera app and send a screenshot of front cam resolution. If possible check XDA forum . Nokia has hacked their front cam software but sensor is 4mp. Why u can't ask Nokia to ans ? I will like to heat from HMD and requesting HMD to explain this in details to all the world
  • Man Its a 16Mpx camera. Software just change 4 pixels to the best one for quality. So the image Is 4mpx, but the sensor Is 16...
  • Just use official camera app.
  • sanjaybaba sanjaybaba
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    Yes they said CORRECT any third party app is recognised front camera is as 4MP
  • Guys use any device info app and check. It's not about quality , I hv installed same Google cam on Nokia 6.1 and 6.1 plus there it's not like this it's detecting and showing what is mentioned in specification but in Nokia 7plus it always shows 4 mp because the sensor is 4mp and they have modified their camera app software to show 16mp.
    Please check with device info applications.
    It's true that Nokia used 4 mp sensor. We can't say all the applications wrong and Nokia camera app correct.
    Please raise voice and ask Nokia to pay off. They lied us and sold their devices and we brought it in higher price because of quality and all but they are doing cheap Chinese trick.
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    @user1524207746147 the camera sensor is of 16 mp, other camera app for eg gcam combines 4 pixels into 1 so resolution changes to 4mp. This happens on Mi phone also. I also have poco f1 and in default camera it shows 20mp but in gcam 5mp only. The quality of gcam is superior because of pixel binning. So stop accusing Nokia. Nokia mentioned this in their launch also at CES 2018.
  • antony francis antony francis
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    Yes, the resolution is only 4MP. I checked it with Droid info app. They cheated us, we have to stand against this because it is a prosecutable offence.
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    I remember when using oreo, Google Cam showed 16MP for front cam. But on the pie, it shows 4MP. I think it is either a bug in Pie or it is because of camera 2.0 API.

  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    so, now it is bad english time....

    sp pls read my thread "Superpixel".

    i understand the Problem and the Question, same was on PureView Smartphone (Nokia and Microsoft), 3rd Party apps didnt Show some resolutiond and the biggest.

    only some after APP Updates.

    thaht some People say, hey thats the mystic superpixel funcion cant be Right. 

    when 16MP are using this PureView feature (thats one of the Features that PureView can do) then, YES, then the cam must make an 4MP Picture form the 16MP Setting.

    So, now read carefully.

    If u use the 16MP Feature u get a Picture with the Size of an 16MP Picture. So for me there is no Superpixel Feature. Nokia sayd, ant that is it, 4 to 1. 

    OK we have an 4MP Option, so hey thats it.

    But wait, no, the 4MP is 4MP nd not Superpixeld.

    Now we are all this --> ????

    16MP cant be Superpixeld, CANT!!!!

    Ok it can but then the original MP must be quadouble and i really thin we havent and 64MP Sensor ;-)

    So back, it only can be the 4MP Option or there is no Superpixel.

    Yesterday Nokia Told me with an eMail, YES, 7+ has this feature and ist only aviable when u use 16MB.


    Something is wrong here and i dont know what.

    16MP is 16MP , so no Superpixelation

    4MP is MP, that should be Superpixeld but no ist not

    When 16MP is Superpixeld than the sensor must be 64MP, SO NO

    4MP Quadrupled is 16MP but thats Interpolated and not Superpixeld (PureViewed)

    Questions Questions Questions....

    and this makes it not better


    Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile care.

    We will write to you in connection with your request about Nokia 7 Plus. This function is actually present, but is only possible at 16 MP resolution. 

    Please do not hesitate to write us again if you have any questions or comments!


  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    @Nemesizz Nokia's stock camera is unable to do pixel binning but the gcam does that. Nokia's camera app is s**t.
  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    but ist a feature of this phone, and the cam cant do so?

    Nokia says, it can but how doesnt make sense as u can read form the email.

    hmm really mystic.

    for me, only a 4mp Picture can superpixeld (pureviewed) , so something is really wrong and bad here.

  • True Nemesizz.
    This is confusing and Nokia should state the actuals here like what is real sensor and what is the super pixeled pic resolution.
    16mp pic is super pixeled or 4mp?
    Someone should tag Nokia moderator here in this thread to ans.
  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    on normal side, they sayed on the press con. ,

    Frontfacing Cam have a Feature , it makes 4 Pixel to one Superpixel for outstanding Pictures.

    So, 4 to one (as i told, one of the old PureView Features is exactly this),

    so if this is ture, and the cam takes 16MP Pictures and the finished File is 16MP (and that is the fact), yeah, then this 16MP is Superpixeld and then, yap, the original Pixels must be 64MP. 

    Ok, Maybe on the Backside this will happen but not on the Frontcam hehe.

    For me, the 4MP Picture must be the best what the cam and sensor can do, 4MP isnt 4MP, ist tue superpixeld 16MP but here is the Problem, Nokia says no.

    and what they are telling cant be ture.

    On Windows Mobile (LUMIA) it was as i say, u got  20MP (in Real 19,X) and the PureView Picture was 4 or 5 MP

  • Absent in this pretty serious accusation is Nokia's response.
    It seems a pattern. They promise or sell. Clients ask questions. They run away
    Not good.
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