Nokia 7 plus Front camera sensor 4mp

As checked in Nokia 7 plus front camera sensor showing only 4mp , I have checked all the 3rd party app also sensor apps all showing only 4 MP camera sensor…

Nokia 7 plus Front camera sensor 4mp

fzs fzs
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As checked in Nokia 7 plus front camera sensor showing only 4mp , I have checked all the 3rd party app also sensor apps all showing only 4 MP camera sensor that issue with callibration or its only 4 MP [email protected] team please help in this issue....


  • mananmehta mananmehta
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    Its only a 4 mp sensor not 16mp
  • mananmehta mananmehta
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    nokia is fooling their customers maybe
  • kas kas
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    I think it's a bug or maybe because of that pixel binning technology.. because someone posted in xda forum about the result of a hardware testing app with root access, where in hardware section it says resolution 16mp but in software section 4mp..

    link to the post :->

  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    Other camera app combines 4 pixels into 1 so it's 4mp in gcam and other camera apps. The same happens with xaiomi devices. But the main issue is that the stock camera doesn't do that pixel binning at 4mp resolution.
  • fzs fzs
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    Pls check with any hardware test app(ie...sensor hub) it showing only 4mp camera in front ..
  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    That's what I'm saying. Every other 3rd party app does pixel binning.
  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    first let me say, sorry it suckz when there are 100 of Postings to the same thing.

    Mods, are u here?

    Now, back to Story

    when the N7+ doest what it should do, and what Nokia says, then the original senor must be 16MP.

    As i told, thats what PureView does. 4 Pixel to one superpixel. 4*4=16 that superpiseling not what u are telling here.

    but there are some Problems.

    Nokia says (for me with emaill), Superpixeled Picture is only when u make a 16MP Picture.

    So, 16MP is a 16MP Picture for me, it should be 4Mp not 16. 16 can only be if the original Sensor is 16*4 Pixels and, sorry, that issnt the fact (ok 64MP Frontfacing sensor should be cool but we dont have this).

    So, the answer from Nokia cant be Right that i get a Superpixel Photo when i use 16MP.

    Now lets think the other way (like Windows pohnes).

    Maybe i should take a 4MP Pixel becauste that is the Superpixel Picture.

    But wait.

    16MP = 4:3


    so, this is also a Problem and not the superpixel Picture.

    Somethink is really wrong here.

    but i have alot of problemes here.

    Maybe, yah Maybe thats an feature that is coming someday, Maybe never, but, it isnt there with the actual camera app.

    i dont think that 3rd Party apps are Right here and i dont think that they do this superpixel Job because ist a Spezial Hardware thing+software. why they only Shows 4MP (and dont Forget, 4MP 16:9 and not the full 4:3 MP) , dont know. That Problem was also on Windows phone some time with 3rd Party apps.

    sorry for bad english

  • Nemesizz Nemesizz
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    we know that they are Talking About this,


    i dont understand how we use this.

    16MP 4:3 will be saved as 16MP 4:3 and it is a 4:3 Pictures.

    Nokia says (support via email) it only can be used by 16MP Setting in Nokia Cam), that cant be ture because 16MP is 16MP and there is Nothing combined , no Superpixel.

    So, there must be a 4MP Setting, but the 4MP Setting is 16:9 and that cant be the superpixel Picture because ist 16:9 not 4:3 and on 16:9 we dont have the full sensor.

    So there is a 3MP 4:3 Setting, Maybe this is it but why 3MP?

    Nokia Needs to clear this how to set up camera for superpixel photo. 16MP in actual Cam App issnt superpixel and 4MP 16:9 isnt superpixelt.

    the answer the give issnt Right with the 16MP Setting.

  • frankla frankla
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    Any response from Nokia regarding this camera issue.
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