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I'm facing the same problem. It's not even been a month to my new phone and this has happened twice and it doesn't even reboot. 

Display gone blank


  • I'm facing the same problem. It's not even been a month to my new phone and this has happened twice and it doesn't even reboot. 
  • I also face this problem. Screen black out completely.. 
  • Ashwini Alva Ashwini Alva
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    Hi ,
    Same issue here too. Screen goes blank. Brightness reduces to 0 percentage. Seems like some glitches with auto brightness. Restarting works but locating the re-start option is also difficult. Can't remove battery too.
    Please resolve this issue. Liked phone alot. Don't want to replace. Fix this issue please.
  • Nokia 5.1 plus screen suddenly black ,why?
  • I am also facing this problem on my Nokia 5.1 plus... Although it can be fixed by restarting, but it is annoying.
  • Just turn off the gesture called pick to check the phone after that you will not get the same prpblem
  • screen went blank.. calls were coming .. only sound no display.. restarted with power and volume up.. no other option..:(.. please solve this isssue.. its random
  • bought nokia 5.1 plus the day before yesterday, the problem started yesterday itself, everything was working except the screen went black and today it happened once again, NOKIA either you fix it up through OTA or i am returning this that to with a legal complaint filed, THANK YOU
    I am also facing same problem for my Nokia 6.1 plus and I want to return it because it happen twice in one month.
  • I have problem of display going blank. Rebooting the device by pressing volume up and power button will help during this situation.
  • schnuecks schnuecks
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    Same here, happens three times now. Same on my 7 plus. Support isn't helpful in this case. Seem s like a bot is chatting ;) Reboot only works with vol up and power button.
  • I too faced the same problem the screen goes off and that's really annoying  Dear Nokia either fix this problem or troubled users like me would have to take help law which would be the last resort 
  • I faced this problem three times. it happened to me even ambient display is turned off. restart is the only solution i found for it.. Please fix this bug ASAP.
  • I also faced this issue twice. This issue is occurring randomly and there are no specific steps to reproduce it. First time it happened when I was on a call and second when I woke up in the morning and tried to access my phone. The screen gets completely black and have to restart my phone by trial and error method. I am afraid of the consequences if this happens in some emergency situation. Please release a software patch asap to fix this issue.
    Strongly agree... I am also facing..
  • i am also facing the same issue of Nokia 6.1plus  don't know what to do this is siftwsofprob or hardware prob plz suggest best way
  • Hi,
    Can anyone please let me know if this issue is fixed now. Planning on buying this set.
    Thanks in advance!!!
  • If I knew this is the issue O will be facing w
  • If I knew Nokia 5.1 plus have display problem I woudnt have purchased it, imagine have been having problems with screen display,.my phone just went blank, pleade how do I stop this problem from reoccurring?
  • allang allang
    It looks like Nokia still has this problem. I purchased a Nokia 6.1 three days ago. Yesterday the screen started to go blank and I was not able to bring the phone back on. I tapped the screen many times and pushed the on button many times, nothing happened. But after letting the phone rest for a while, the phone would come back on. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
  • xodroolis xodroolis
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    Same problem here.
    My Nokia 5 (android 9) after 1 and a half year with no issues today its screen got blank but the phone still works. I can answer calls etc. The hard reset (+ and power button for 1 seconds) works for me after 3-4 continuous tries. The phone works again just fine. but then after some minutes, after the problem returns. The screen goes blank again.
    Did anyone found a permanent solution?
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