GPS doesn't work and the iQor support is terrible

I've recently noticed that the GPS (device only) on my Nokia 8 has stopped working.

GPS doesn't work and the iQor support is terrible

I've recently noticed that the GPS (device only) on my Nokia 8 has stopped working. None of the applications I tried can find my location, for example I've tried HERE WeGo, Sygic (paid version), GPS Test, OsmAnd etc.

I don't know when the GPS had stopped working (I suspect the June Oreo update), as I used the GPS mostly with the "High Accuracy" setting and with the Internet turned on it still works fine. Only recently I've tried to use it without the Internet and it blatantly failed while other smartphones such as Xiaomi Mi A1, bq Aquaris 5G and Nokia Lumia 735 find my location without any problems. I tested the GPS inside the city and outside and no matter what Nokia 8 failed.

My phone is still on warranty so I contacted the Nokia support and my sent my phone to the Nokia premises. After a while I received the verdict "Reason: No Fault Found". Really? What kind of tests did they conduct to come to such conclusion? The GPS doesn't work and it is easy to test:

1) Turn on the smartphone
2) Turn off the WiFi and mobile data
3) Go to "Location" settings
4) Open "Mode" menu entry
5) Select "Device only"
6) Go back
7) Turn on the "Location"
8) Go outside the building
9) Open any GPS location application
10) Make sure the GPS application finds your position

I still need the GPS and I want it to work. My phone has not been tampered with, nor submerged under water and one of the crucial features for me doesn't work. How can I sort out the problem with the GPS?

I still hope I can receive a proper support and my Nokia 8 will work as it should be.


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    Using it without data means there is no AGPS downloaded which wont help at all, it can really hinder you if don't have good line of sight to the satellites, FWIW mine has been fine.

  • Good for you, seriously. I am in a good location and the weather is good and the other mentioned smartphones work fine without needing the Internet and even inside buildings, but Nokia 8. Strange, isn't it?
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    It should work without internet if I am not mistaken. I can even follow my position in a plane, i.e. no network connection whatsoever, just by switching on location data in airplane mode. And yes every one of my phones can pinpoint my position without a problem. I am not sure about my Nokia 8 though because it's constantly in repairs instead of my hands. Which brings me to my next point: I am not surprised by Nokia's brazen denial of the problem. It happened to me several times by now. That's what they do, they screw over customers until their warranty runs out. My advise: When you get it back, test it in store and don't go home with it unless you are 100% sure the problem is solved.
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    It will work without a data connection but it will take longer to obtain a lock if the AGPS data isn't up to date

  • I don't understand now. Is GPS in Nokia 8 suppossed to work offline? Can it locate me without the Internet or not? On the official website it shows GPS/AGPS+GLONASS+BDS. Is there something that says the GOS is online only?

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    For me, with a TA-1012 certified for the EU and more, used in Denmark, GPS works offline and unassisted, when performing the steps in your first post in this thread.

    - The use of GPS is restricted in some countries and in some phone variants.

    - It can take a long time to get a satellite lock if assist data is not available.

    - A cover, wallet or a car holder can block the GPS antenna.

    Google's apps and services are tied together in several interesting ways. To avoid confusion I suggest use the open source GPSTest app by barbeauDev to diagnose the GPS hardware:

    If assist data is cleared in the GPSTest app for troubleshooting, the list of satellites in sight should populate slowly (several minutes) if the phone is offline - and fill up in a few seconds when mobile data and/or WiFi is enabled - but the first location lock can still take some minutes.

    - Does this work?

    It can be a hardware defect in the phone despite the 'No Fault Found' verdict from the workshop, depending on the workshop, their tools, and their skills.


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    Gps works on mine without wifi or mobile data. I tried it on Google Maps. Though it doesn't show my exact location its close. Like 90% accurate.
  • Jee...So what the heck is wrong with the Nokia? Why would they overthrow me? Well, I am simply not gonna buy anything from them.

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