Why my Nokia 6 phone freezes while charging


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Why my Nokia 6 phone freezes while charging


  • I too face same issue
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    By freezing, do you mean the touchscreen becomes unresponsive?

  • Yes touch become irresponsive while charging sometimes not all the time and sometimes tap alone works and swipe don't work. Even if i lock and unlock problem continues when charger unplugged everything becomes fine.
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    That could be why, damaged or unofficial chargers can sometimes cause this (see the link below). Can you try charging your phone with a different charger or cable and see if the problem persists?

  • I am using the charger provided with my device only no unofficial chargers i think it could be because of voltage issues in our area i will confirm and then inform later.
  • I also have the same problem...And it is very serious problem as I can not use my phone while charging...I tried charger in different sockets and also tried different chargers but it always freeze while charger is connected...Please nokia do something ...Is it hardware issue or software?
  • It remain freeze till the charger is connected but works normal when charger is removed...
  • Sorry for bad nokia 6 freez 20-30x time in one day.....i must lock and unlock and after that its work properly....but that its to many lock/unlock. When is freez, down touch button on display and button out right side of device working properly.
    ...i must say, my device nokia 6 drop so many time very hard....
    ...on hmd support my nokia6 is warrenty activ, but official nokia service in my state Bosnia say that my IMEI is not for Europa market and they cant fix my devica but i bought my nokia(ta-1000) in my state in may 2017years...
    ...what i can do??Give my nokia to other mobilshop to fix problem??
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