Nokia 7.1 notch

Is Nokia 7.1 phone getting disable notch feature in update

Nokia 7.1 notch

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 /  edited October 2018
Is Nokia 7.1 phone getting disable notch feature in update


  • Probably not until pie gets released. Back and forth on that one myself. Sometimes I like the notch sometimes it makes me cross eyed lol
  • It does in Android Pie but it messes up landscape mode for videos and pictures where the notch now encroaches on the video or picture when it didn't in Oreo.
  • Enable the "developer mode". On Settings go to developer options and turn on the "full bezel". Maybe that can help you with your problem...

  • The Developer Mode notch hide is horrible, you end up with a square-cornered top bezel and a round-cornered bottom bezel.  Plus, hidden notch ears glow grey.  Not nice. 
  • The top corners are rounded as well but with smaller radius when you use the developer options and the notch ears are almost invisible on my phone even with the bright lid display. But i found few other anoing problems. Buttons in the bottom of some apps are overlaping with the navigation bar and some wierd looking landscape views.
  • In pie the notch hide is part of display settings but it still doesn't work properly when in landscape mode for Google photos and YouTube (when video is maximised)
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