Search bar in android pie

After upgrading to android pie I am stack with a useless search bar at the bottom that cannot be moved.

Search bar in android pie

user1540143367353 user1540143367353
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After upgrading to android pie I am stack with a useless search bar at the bottom that cannot be moved. I understand that Google wants to force down to people their voice assistant either they like it or not, but I expect from Nokia to provide me the tools to remove it and use my phone's screen as I choose. I hope Nokia will respect it's customers and solve this as soon as possible.


  • sherlock sherlock
    Apparently a lot many people complained about this including me.Lets hope they fix it in future updates
  • shandroid shandroid
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    The trouble is launchers are a very personal thing.
    I like the launcher, I use the search bar a lot and it's placement is perfect.
    Android one is supposed to be Google's vision of android and as such it is using Google vision for the launcher.
    It might not be to everyone's tastes but there are tools to change it - 3rd party launchers.
  • Do not bet on it changing. Its not a flaw, so its not like it needs "fixing". Nokia/HMD basically is just slapping Android straight from Google onto their phones. Its a specific design choice from Google, not Nokia. 

    Ofcors not everyone is going to like it. . . 3rd party launchers would have to be your solution.

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    @Shandroid. Exactly because launcher is subjective to taste I expect from Nokia to respect it's customers. Now for example Nokia respects your likes but not mine. If the search bar was removable they would respect both yours,as you would keep it there, as well as mine,that I would have the ability to remove it and use my screen as I like.
    The problem here is that Nokia seems to obey Googles agenda that wants to promote its voice assistant services by any means possible including hardcoding it's apps in the Nokia's screen.
    PS.That by the way is against EU laws for unfair competition (as were microsoft explorer in windows) and Nokia should know that it put itself in a hazardous legal position.
  • wyk wyk
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    I think stock android has not much space for customisation... except Google. As HMD has chosen to provide pure android soo I think they will do nothing. And its true Google is doing monopoly in stock android as a example there's no support for casting...u have to buy Chromecast. Its pure monopoly.
  • shandroid shandroid
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    Like I said, it is an Android one phone so yes, they are following Google's agenda.
    In the end Google created the launcher and in the Google app the search bar style can be customised so I don't see why they don't have an option to turn it off for those who don't want it.
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    I like it how it is. This is one of the reasons i bought a android one device, to get as close as possible to the pixel experience.. so if you dont like it install a third party launcher.. like amirz pixel launcher

  • sherlock sherlock

    @user1533818026870 First he's only asking for the option to remove it and just not to remove it entirely from the OS because people like me would want our screens clean and simple.Secondly,instead of telling what others should do,you could have done the same,install Pixel launcher on your previous phone instead of ranting your so called feedback here.

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