Security updates are not up-to-date

My phone is still in security updates from July

Security updates are not up-to-date

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My phone is still in security updates from July


  • Same problem here. My phone is still on July security patch. I've contacted Nokia via their Support app but they have no idea how to fix it.
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    Send email to Nokia product & they will ask for IMEI of your device once they receive it they will keep your device up to date this issue will be solved I have done my own soo
  • After sending email to them I get this answer:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care!

    We understand that you're looking for the updates!

    Actually the updates arrives to your device as soon as possible via
    OTA and before to arrive to your device there will be many other
    factors depending on: 1) Your country 2) Your provider 3) Manufacturing
    model number are some of them. There are steps to respect in order and
    they didn't have an exact time frame.

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    I had a similar problem on 02 network. "Stuck on May Update" is a topic that  I started.

    My issue now appears to be fixed, but required O2 to update a database.

    I found that I could receive updated on an  old Talktalk Sim (Vodafone) sim even though it was not commisioned.

    Notified O2 and they appear to have fixed the database update issue.

    It may be that you have a similar issue. What network are you using.

    I know O2, Talktalk, and 3 (Other user was working)  seem ok.

    Good luck.

  • I'm in UK and I use Giffgaff and 3. As far as I know Giffgaff uses O2 network.

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    You say that you have Giffgaff and 3. If you have a dual sim phone, have you tried just the 3 sim by itself.

    Once you have powered on, try checking for update.

    I know that my update was resolved, but it maybe that you have a different issue.

    Good luck.

  • Finally I got the updates. What I've tried:

    - removed both SIM cards, check for updates, nothing

    - inserted only Giffgaff card, check for updates, nothing

    - inserted only 3 card, check for updates, nothing

    Finally I found my old sim card from a Polish network. After inserting it connected with VodafoneUK. I've checked for updates, waited a bit for refresh and the August update appeared. After updating and restarting, I've checked again and there was update for September. And later, after repeating the procedure, for October.

    I've removed the Polish SIM card, inserted Giffgaff and 3. And so far everything works fine.

    I wonder why Nokia relies on mobile operators with the updates. IMO security updates should not depend on operators approval. 

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    Excellent news. My 02 worked for October update, so am hoping it will continue. I'm glad you got there in the end.
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