After security patch level october 8.1oreo Smart Lock is not showing anything,Screen To Screen is not working,Battery is charging after 3-4min on screen time,no signs while downloading something from play store,instaling for much time after downloading something from play store,google lens option is not available,and many other bugs please solve them and give a stable update to pie


  • Hey, I've noticed VOLTE doesn't work properly after the update too. While using only cellular data it shows 4G whereas the moment you're on call it turns to 3G.
  • yes and people on call keep complain me about voice breaking are you facing this or my sim card has bad network
  • my pubg crashed instagram is never stable it keeps on crashing
  • nitheesh
    nitheesh ✭✭✭✭

    October security patch update is released? When?

    I am not getting any updates...

  • For Smart Lock Options

     Just Follow the Steps:
    1) Go to --> Settings --> Security & Location --> Trust Agents  
    2) Now UnSelect/ Turn Off the Smart Lock (Google)
    3) Restart The Phone
    4) Follow step 1. Go to --> Settings --> Security & Location --> Trust Agents
    5) Now Select/ Turn On the Smart Lock (Google)
    The Options like face and voice unlock and others will now be listed under Smart Lock.

    Worked for me!