UK TA-1055 Android Pie

Good morning guys, Does anyone of you know what is happening with the android update for our phones here in the UK?

UK TA-1055 Android Pie

João Rosado João Rosado
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Good morning guys,

Does anyone of you know what is happening with the android update for our phones here in the UK? I have been searching in every forum and the lack of news has been what I have found so far. Someone people claim that our network carrier might being blocking the updates for our terminals, however I have already tried almost everything and still, no OTA. Any suggestions or updates here in the UK?


  • I have also TA-1055 in Č, R. and Pie still nothing. So I proceeded according to the advice on the site * removed * TECHMESTO and I made the installation manually, the phone is error-free and when installing you will not lose any data. I did not make the factory setting.

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    Nothing here either on my UK Nokia, I'm pretty disappointed really with Nokia, not so much for the lack of the pie update but the fact my phone is still stuck on the August security patch. This is not at all what I expected when buying a Nokia branded Android one handset. This will most likely be my last Nokia phone.
  • Do what I done today my ta-1055 was on August security patch until I put an re some in phone restarted and up came September security patch.
  • Sorry spelchecker ..should read put an ee.sim card in phone and restart.manual check and September security patch.will apear..
  • Thanks for that but I haven't got an ee SIM available right now, I'm on the Tesco network and tried a 3 mobile sim and still no joy.
  • I have bought my phone sim free and even without the SIM card, there is no update available. I am still with the August security patch.

    My carrier is the 3 but I have the feeling this carrier is not the best one for updates. Tomorrow I am going to buy an ee sim card just to force the upgrade.

    In some countries the same Nokia terminal have already got the pie and here in the UK, nothing so far. What a disappointment Nokia.
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    Guys relax...
  • I agree that it is disappointing, I have the same issue... But there is no need to be overdramatic and say that "I will never buy another Nokia" because of a delayed update while the phone itself is still great  while most other OEMs like Samsung are bad with updates, but still Nokia needs to do something and step up its game, this does look stupid and annoying...
  • I don't think I said I would never buy another Nokia phone because of delayed updates, I simply stated that this is likely to be my last Nokia phone. I have had nothing but trouble with the Nokia 7 plus and have had to have the handset replaced under warranty as the previous one constantly rebooted. Nokia's support in the UK is non existent and it took ages to get it sorted and only then by involvement of my credit card company.
  • Grzesio Grzesio
    Guys, it will come. Maybe try to contact with local PR agency, they should know when your phone recive update the update.
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