Where are the cases

 Hello everyone, I just received my new 7.1 and I am enjoying it so far. But where are the cases? I can't find an in stock case anywhere.

Where are the cases

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 Hello everyone,

I just received my new 7.1 and I am enjoying it so far. But where are the cases? I can't find an in stock case anywhere. Amazon is showing some cases as in stock but showing delivery dates six weeks away! Anybody know of any cases that can be purchased now?

Also I have been unable to find a way to enable the battery percentage in the status bar. The setting does not appear to exist even in System UI tuner. Any thoughts?



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    I am having the same issue finding cases, and enabling the battery%. U.S.A customer here
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    Looks like we're not going to get much in the way of responses in here...

    I suspect you've been checking the same places I have been for cases and coming up empty. Amazon has some "in stock" that won't be delivered until the middle of December! The "official" Nokia cases show a lead time of three months! I was hoping this would change once the phone was released but so far, nothing.

    I've also come up dry as to finding a way to enable the battery percentage in the status bar. I can't figure out why Nokia would deliberately omit that. I've tried every normal Android trick that I know without success. It's not even the System UI Tuner.

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     Well it appears as though a few may be available soon. I just bought this one with a delivery date of 11/2. I'm not thinking it's a great case but it's at least something. We'll see.


  • The lack of accessories available, and replies on the forum from Nokia have me concerned about ever needing to file warranty/replacement, and the timeframe for Pushing Android updates.

    Id really like to get on pie soon, as my battery life is pretty terrible, it's gotten better since I've turned off most of the extras in Oreo, but still not great.

    I guess it wasn't too much of an up front cost to have only a couple disappoints. A near flagship phone for a budget price.
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    I would have to agree that it seems as though Nokia wasn't very well prepared for this phones release. Nothing in the way of accessories or cases, their own user guide isn't working as most of the links return a "Unfortunately, the page you were looking for cannot be found" error. No downloadable pdf. I mean they knew they were releasing it, right?

    Battery life isn't great for me but isn't awful either.

    My main reason for buying an Android One device was security patches. They better get that right.

    And I have tried Pie on an Essential and it's really good. That needs to happen soon.

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    I did find one at Amazon that has an actual delivery date. I ordered one to hold me over until something better comes along,


  • How funny, that's the same one I ordered the night before last. I know this phone is going to slip out of my hands it's so slippery. I just need a case even if it's a cheap Chinese knockoff made with lead.
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     The "In Stock" date keeps slipping. If I can't get a case soon I may have to return the phone. This is ridiculous.

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     Well I'm out. I'm returning the phone. The situation with cases is beyond belief.

  • iCatchy For Nokia 7.1 Case, Leather Wallet Flip Book Stand View Card Holder Case Cover (Blue) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JH75ZHV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ChU2Bb9GWBXQF you can choose different colours
  • No sellers are currently delivering this item to the United States.
  • I wonder why the makers think that a shiny slippery phone is the way to go. I bought the phone for it's internal engineering, albeit, I wish it was thicker with a better and removable battery..... now my purchase is going to count as an endorsement for a toy looking and slipery device. Bought it for the 2 SIM option, 4g RAM and 64 base storage and NO bloatware.... that is all.  NOT for the thin, shiny case.

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    Shiny and slippery it is, it's beautiful but, I've lost my grip on this phone twice now and dropped it. And it's slides off counter tops on its own. I need a case, if I don't get one by next week I'm taking it back. I can't afford to have one bad drop and be out 350.00 and a phone.
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    This is not an ideal solution but the case for a Moto G5+ will kind of fit this phone. Since this was the phone I upgraded from I tried it. The fingerprint sensor is blocked, the sleep and volume down buttons line up. the main lens of the camera clears, the USB-C port and speaker clear. I added a couple of small holes for the microphones, top and bottom. The overall fit is solid.

    This will do until the case I have on order arrives from China. 

    No, it is a bit of a pain to use, but its a whole lot better then nothing.

  • Ordered a combo of real glass cover (I use a similar glass on the back of my camera and GPS screens - http://www.patchworksonline.com), and a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) case. If it's real TPU remains to be seen when received.  The site did not mention the source, but after paying, it's coming via China Post mid November....  <grrrrrrr>.  For those who need to know, Gorilla Glass: https://www.androidpit.com/what-is-gorilla-glass 

    As usual, since the marketing dept's think we are all stupid, they do not clearly specify the type of Gorilla glass (and it's NOT glass!).  One site mentions type 3.  If really 3, a little sad.  Read carefully why type 5 came about.  Phones dropping.... Why do they drop, they never had that issue before.

    [1] Slipery oleophobic coating (good) [2] Missing lanyard hole (bad)

    I use to clip my phone why a lanyard to my pocket with reach to my ear... It never EVER fell out.  Last phone Jonyed phone fell in the toilet!

    All my cameras, GPS, etc have lanyard holes, so did all my older phones, until Jony Ive messed up function, and made form the primary marketing drive.... Enjoy dropping your 7.1

  • It's the oleophobic characteristics of Gorilla Glass 3 (not really glass, a marketing lie).  Ordered a real glass tempered glass 9H hardness and TPU case from TopAce.  Due mid November via Chinapost.... we'll see. The 9H glass is great.

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    Having a hard time finding a case too. There seems to be only a couple options that will ship to usa in bthe next couple of weeks. Has anyone had any luck with screen protectors for this phone?
  • I ordered this one, MYLB Compatible with Nokia 7.1 Case,with Nokia 7.1 Screen Protector. (3 in 1) Soft TPU Shockproof Case with Glass Screen Protector for Nokia 7.1 (Transparent) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J9X3BZX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ZSM3Bb7K1VMFM , which I should receive on Monday. It has both a case and screen protector.
  • Phone already fell twice. Albeit only from ~2ft.  Where is the lanyard hole??? Still waiting for a case.  It's not Nokia's fault, they only follow Apple, but they should be pioneers, and make a Nokia 7.1 Active, for people who work and not as a kiddie game phone.

  • I have ordered and tried :smile: 

    The only case of the bunch that was worth anything is number 4. The rest offered little if any protection, especially for the screen if set down screen first. Just a good all round case.
  • Found an ok case on “yourgadget” in the uk, the site even took applepay (cough)
  • Apple pay did your hands burn when you used it, or the skies get really dark?
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