Never recommend nokia to anyone Worst service quality as compare to name of the brand

I purchased nokia 8 for what Its build quality In my home there is nokia 5 , nokia 5.1 plus Nokia 6.1 nokia 8

Never recommend nokia to anyone Worst service quality as compare to name of the brand

altmash mirza altmash mirza
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I purchased nokia 8 for what
Its build quality

In my home there is nokia 5 , nokia 5.1 plus
Nokia 6.1 nokia 8

The glass of three of them had been broken by minor drop from upper side corner of my three device
Nokia 5 corning glass 3
Nokia 6.1corning glass 3
And Nokia 8 corning gorilla glass 5

What kind of drop ???
They were minor drop that any mobile glass can service
I CAN SAY it cause previously from 2013 i after nokia gone from market I purchased only sony phones
Since 2013 mine and mine family's person every phone was of sony

I used them without any kind of tempered glass and there glass never broken by minor drops
My 2013's xperia s still alive with working display with some scratches as it used without tempered glass and has droped many times

Sony was not known for build quality

Nokia knows for it
What they always talk about
Build quality bulid quality build quality

Why they do not answer this there's corning gorilla glass 5 of nokia 8 did not survive a minor drop and cracked from top bezel side

Why corning gorilla glass of 6.1 and nokia 5 not survive a minor drop and its all cracked from top side bezels

When i figured it out
I found every user has the same problem
I don't understand what is the problem customer usage or is it a manufacturing defect

Why there we can't use nokia 8 like phone without tempered

I mean if its corning glass 5 did not servive iimot drop then why you used it you could use corning glass 3 that also not servive minor drop but by using it you can do cost cutting in nokia 8

My elder brother needs my advice to purchase phones
Nowadays he is asking me about nokia 6.1 plus

But i am not confirm why i suggest my elder brother a phone which glass is going to be break in future

I can tell him buy a cheap phone rather than nokia
As nokia talks about a lot of about build quality
But when it times to deliver they broke down from a single drop

The main problem is they are also telling if anyones glass is broken the whole warranty will gone

So it's better to stay away from nokia
If my problem is not going to be resolved i am going to write a post in english and in hindi about Nokia's fake build quality
I will post that on facebook twitter
Youtube and every blog where can
And i always told everyone never recommend a nokia phone to anyone if he is not your enemy.


  • If you drop a phone and break the glass then no company in the world will honour the guarantee. Well I think HTC once did, but none today. Either put a case on your phones or stop dropping them. My 8 has survived 13 months with different drops just fine.
  • So you mean Nokia's build quality advertisement is just a gimic and nothing more.

    It depends on luck
    Many Chinese handset servive many drops if you have good luck

    And if you don't have good luck your mobile display or glass will break

    That's type of common situation forces nokia like brand to talk about it's build quality 6000 series single block of alluminum and corning gorilla glass 5 and the famous build quality of nokia

    If all these thing could not guarantee survive on normal drops why
    And survival again depends on luck in case of nokia phone

    So how can say it has better build quality than other brands
    Better service than other brands

    If Nokia's phone are also vulnerable
    Why a customer should choose a nokia phone

    I am also the person who bought it for build quality

    In this price i could go for better hardware better camera better specification
    And many more things that's are providing by other brands

    But I know I have to go with the brand nokia as i Never used any Chinese mobile
    For what for build quality

    But what i get

    You might be a lucky user
    But not everyone is lucky
    So nokia should do something there that its devices glass should not be broken
    And if glass broke they should provide warranty on other hardware

    2 months ago my last xperia device xperia xa1 drop from 6 feet hight with a blasting sound from the side of display
    But it's glass had not a single scracth and also no display defect
    I can confirmly said that was not corning glass 5 or may be it was not 3 also

    As it was a budget phone

    If we see with my experience
    We can say xperia xa1 was better build than nokia 8 that i don't believe

    I will believe that that was my luck not xperia xa1 build quality

    So my main query is
    How can we recommed nokia by saying about it's build quality
    If it also depends on luck
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