Alarm is not ALARMING

For the past few days I'm rushing to my game , the reason behind this is"MY ALARM IS NOT ALARMING" , Please suggest some possible fix.

Alarm is not ALARMING

Suriya Deepan Suriya Deepan
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For the past few days I'm rushing to my game , the reason behind this is"MY ALARM IS NOT ALARMING" , Please suggest some possible fix.


  • endothermic10 endothermic10
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    The alarm doesn't work for me either.
  • user389 user389
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    In the alarm app settings, please confirm the timer sound is set correctly?

    - The audible alerts for alarms, email and more changed itself to a numerical value on my phone, after updating the phone and/or apps, causing it to become silent.

  • Shawn Gilliland Shawn Gilliland
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     This started happening to me also.  The last two days my morning alarm hasn't gone off.  It seems that a recent update has really screwed up my phone.  If I don't have an app running in the background I almost never get notifications.

  • user96 user96
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    Recently moved from Symbian (808 pureview) to Android Nokia 6

    I have a similar issue. I kept a repeat alarm. But it never works. When I bought the mobile it used to work fine.

    Using my back up Nokia phone (6230i) for alarm purpose.
  • fahad fahad
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    Ever since the October Update that also brought Android 7.1.2, there have been some issues with background app management and specifically with the default alarm app. None of the alarms work. The alarm icon also disappears from the status bar. Restarting the phone gives this notification: 2 alarms missed.
  • Dipto Dipto
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    My phone alarm is also not working
  • user1511843387274 user1511843387274
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    same problem with me. Alarm does not go off.

  • fahad fahad
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    I am waiting for the November update. May be it fixes things. Usually my Nokia 6 gets update on 29th of every month. Although after not working for almost weeks, my alarm was working this morning again, but there is definitely some issue with the background app management with 7.1.2 update. Many times my mails aren't syncing on Outlook. So I've to open the app to let them sync. HMD Global acknowledged a problem and promised a fix for background app management for Nokia 5. I hope an update fixes it on Nokia 6 too.

  • Losechester Losechester
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    Alarms are not going off since I updated the app. later I get a notification saying " missed alarm"
  • user389 user389
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    First make sure the Clock app is updated to its latest version from the Play store?

    Next I suggest, without any guarantee of success:

    Settings > Notifications > Menu (the ellipsis top/right) - has an option to 'Reset app preferences'. - Please note this also enables previously disabled apps, and you may have some work to do in other apps afterwards!

    - and/or:

    Settings > Apps > Clock > Storage - has options to clear data and clear cache.

    (This is an option for any misbehaving app).

    I can't provoke any 'Missed alarm' notification on my TA-1021 Android 7.1.2 - it has worked reliably during both the October and November updates.

    The defaults In Settings > Sound and the sound alerts in some apps changed to a numerical value earlier, causing it to become silent, but has worked for me since setting it to proper sounds.

    I hope you get it sorted out.


  • user1511942351242 user1511942351242
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    Hey there. I'm also facing the alarm issue on my Nokia 6 since it's upgrade to 7.1.2. I believe the reason behind this is the software upgrade which led to the battery optimisation of the Clock app also. Simply put we have to wait for an update from Nokia to solve this issue. Rest assured I have tried the sound settings and various restarts and resets. So if anyone wants to help please don't give me these solutions. Thanks
  • Erik Erik
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    My wife and I have been having the same issues with event reminders and alarms. They will work some times and not others. We have whitelisted the calendar app in power management, cleared the cache, disabled DND, installed alternate calendar applications, deleted and reentered all events and alarms all to no avail. It works sometimes and not others. This started happening with the update to 7.1.2. Not expecting a solution from the community but I am hoping all of these postings get the attention of Nokia support.
  • user1511942351242 user1511942351242
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    Please Nokia people. Take this into serious consideration. It may seem a minor problem but for us it's a huge one.
    Will be glad if you provide a software update where the battery optimisation doesn't affect the alarm functioning. Thanks again
  • I haven't been using the alarm, but I've definitely had issues with reminders. Had issues with Gmail notifications too, but that seems to be a more widespread Android issue (resulting from how doze works). Not sure if I should bother trying to open a case with Nokia support. They treated my last bug report with contempt and that was an easy-to-replicate issue while this one is more intermittent and requires long periods of waiting. What would be really nice is if Nokia could add an option to disable doze in the developer options menu like OnePlus does.
  • user1512008855465 user1512008855465
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    Hi...I m also facing the same problem. Alarm is not alarming and it's very alarming because I am fully dependent on this as my day is fully action packed. Team please get this resolved asap else I will be left with a option to change my handset.
  • user1512018190574 user1512018190574
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    I have been having the same problems with alarms and event notifications for several weeks. I have been researching this on the internet and nothing seems to work for more than a day. This is frustrating because I rely on my calendar and alarms several times a day.
  • From 1 week, I'm missing my alarm. Do you have any idea when its going to be corrected???

  • Supposing the alarm settings are right, this notifications and alarm issues seems to be happening in Android 7.1.2.
    Another forum suggested downloading the new version of the alarm clock

    to fix the alarm. Just downloaded and installed today.

    I'll post again of it fixes it.
  • I have updated it but it's not working.
  • I have a solutions guys please put some attention
    , I would request you to follow below mentioned steps:
    Go to (settings)
    Then go to (apps)
    Then click on (Clock app)
    Then (Force stop it)
    Then go to (storage) located there only..
    Then clean (DATA) and then Clean (catches)
    At last you will be good to go.. Hope it will help everyone..
    Thank you
  • Neither updating or clearing the cache and data has helped... Alarm still not working.
  • Erik Erik
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    Tried the fix involving the force stop and cache clear. This did not work.
  • Then we all have to wait for a software update From Nokia.. We should all email or call customer care Nokia For the solution..
  • I have Tried calling Customer care. It's disgusting to hear from them that it requires Factory Reset of the phone. They are so irresponsible to correct their mistake and fix it immediately. Please use other Alarm Clock apps as a substitute till they fix it. I have tried that and it worked for me.

  • Which alarm clock app did you use? I tried one and had the same problem. Worked once fine and then nothing...
  • Erik Erik
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    I would be curious to know if anyone has tried the reset. I am afraid this is just another fruitless step by Nokia support. If this is truly a problem with 7.1.2, I don't see why this would help. It would be nice if Nokia would actually respond.
  • Alarm was working fine for me in 7.1.2 also. The stupid update on Clock app 10 days ago caused this.

  • Guys i have been searching the web to find why alarm clock is silent and i found one thing interesting that its not a Nokia fault but the google is responsible for the clock app miss functioning.. Many people who updated there phones to new software oreo have also reported the same problem on there p
  • HeavyHorses HeavyHorses
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    Found another thing that's affected by this: The Microsoft Authenticator app. It doesn't notify after the phone has been idle for a while. I think someone at Nokia has seriously misconfigured Doze on this phone.

    I mentioned mail before and said that it could be an Android problem, but I have my doubts. While it seems to be a well documented issue (Google defining mail push notifications as lower priority), I've been told by several Pixel/Nexus owners that they get mail notifications regardless of how long their phones have been idle. Maybe the mail issue is Nokia's fault as well after all.

    Do any of you guys get email notifications in the Gmail or Outlook apps after several hours of inactivity? For me they only work if the phone is being regularly used. If left for a long time, they completely stop (just like reminders, calendar, Authenticator notifications etc.). They then all appear and sound off at once, the moment I turn the screen on. The only things that seem to notify reliably after long periods of inactivity are messaging apps.

  • Vipul Wairagade Vipul Wairagade
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    None of notification is working.... unless the app is opened in background.
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