When will Android P be released in the UK for 7 plus?

This was announced months ago.

When will Android P be released in the UK for 7 plus?

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This was announced months ago. Apparently it is released in other territories, and the install file for Android P for Nokia 7 plus is available to download from some unofficial websites.

Pie is now available on other non-"Android One" phones, but not for us. This kind of defeats the point of Android One existing, and all Nokia's claims that these phones will be updated quickly.


  • Customer services still give the official line that it's going to 10% first, then expanding. I would assume things have moved on by now, but they won't say anything more than that.

    Very frustrating
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    Same here very disappointed in nokia and android one program I wish I kept my sony xa2 ultra
  • maybe there is a reason that it's not available to all countries yet - different mobile operators, approval process, etc..It wasn't available in my location as well but I downloaded the installation file and installed it - no problems so far..

  • I bought direct from Nokia so nothing to do with the network operator in this case, just like Nexus phones I have owned previously.
    There may be an approval process, but like I said above, there are now several non-Android-One phones already getting the update, but not Nokia, who said it would be released in October.

    I have actually downloaded the installation file from XDA but nervous to run it. Would be grateful if you could share how you did it. Was it download the zip file onto SD card, then run "install from SD card" from recovery reboot menu all on the phone, or did you use the ADB tool?
  • Nokia keep fobbing me off with its the network. But no one, including Nokia can explain why my network would or could influence my unlocked and unbranded phone.
  • You guys will regret it. The update is full of bugs. Phone hearts a lot during charging, Clicking on notifications does not open the apps some times, App does not install for a long time even after 100% download and more.
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    How is the nokia 6.1 get pie before my Nokia 7 plus 樂
  • I'm sure some of them will be waiting just as long as some of us our (hopefully!)
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    True but nokia said 7 plus will be the first to receive pie, regardless of what country your in everyone should receive it before they start rolling it out to lower end devices.
  • Just got Android 9 Pie in Ireland with October SP on my ta-1055 handset. Running very smoothly. Great job Nokia thanks 
  • This is the way I installed Android 9 on my Nokia 7 plus - I downloaded the zip file on my phone from XDA /WW 3.22C September 2018 (B2N-322C-0-00WW-B01-update.zip)/, moved it to the root directory, renamed it to the corresponding name to the zip file, opened the Phone app and dialed *#*#874#*#* - the installation starts and after the reboot you have Android 9.

    I haven't experienced any problems so far - no heating during charging, apps install and open normally. But I didn't use the phone with Android 8.1 to make any comparing - I installed Android 9 right after I bought it. It runs really smooth and fast in my opinion.

  • It's a complete joke that we've not had the Pie update on the UK or no security update since August. Android One phone.... What a farce. Last Nokia phone I'll ever own...
  • Put an EE SIM card in your phone, you'll get September's update straight away.
  • Does anyone know how other manufacturers android one phones compare with up dates?

    Is Nokia a bit rubbish, or are android one phones in general not all they are cracked up to be?
  • September? It's November tomorrow! 
  • I know! But trying to be positive, September is still better than August
  • The OnePlus 6T was released yesterday and it's already receiving the November security update today.....
  • Motorola are getting similar complaints for their android one phone. No security patches since August etc. They don't even have a beta version of Android pie yet, so I guess things could be worse
  • True... I worry that HMD Global (Nokia) are turning into Motorola in that they release a new phone every week and fall behind with regular updates. I don't think the Xaomi Mi A2 has had the Pie update either.
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    I'm in UK with a unlocked ta-1055 and it's available in Ireland same model crazy this roll out.
  • The UK will get Pie very soon just a matter of waiting patiently
  • How do you move the downloaded Pie file from XDA to the root directory?
  • dami a dami a
    Hey does anyone know where the Root Directory is on Nokia 7 Plus devices. I can't find it anywhere .
  • December nowand still no pie update. So much for September release!
  • December nowand still no pie update. So much for September release!
    We will get the December update by April next year ahhaah this is a joke.
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