Nokia 6 lagging

Hi guys... On paper the Nokia 6 is a very capable handset but I've found since owning it that there is a lot of LAG and freezing. In particular with Facebook...

Nokia 6 lagging

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Hi guys... On paper the Nokia 6 is a very capable handset but I've found since owning it that there is a lot of LAG and freezing. In particular with Facebook... When I click on a photo is often doesn't load and either freezes or closes the Facebook app altogether... Anybody else experiencing this?



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    yes, the same here with the FB app...

  • user1511352064749 user1511352064749
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    disappointing but I have swapped my phone for a Huawei P10 Lite... runs much smoother 

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    Happening to me as well.

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    Same thing here. If it only was FB app, but every app lags like heck. Maybe I should just return this thing, since this cannot be normal.
  • TimoA TimoA

    user1521391703273, how amazing, the other people were most likely affected by server overload at Facebook, and you found them, in a thread that is 4 months in the past.

    Now, if you claim: "every app lags like heck" would be true, even remotely true,  then this and all other related forums would be filled with postings about such a problem. But that is not the case, not at all. So, possibly you are only using network dependent apps AND your network service is the worst on the earth or, you are just bashing.

    The Nokia 6 is pretty fast and capable phone. I have 4g service and I'm using the phone a lot, both networked and non-networked apps, I've never experienced any unnatural lagging.  For example, I'm always amazed how rapidly the phone maps a 2TB USB HDD that is full of movies and how fast the directories are available for browsing and copying with a file manager app, it happens in a few seconds, far faster than my 4000 USD laptop does the same.

  • Whenever I try to open WhatsApp or FB's a bite time to get d normal working .....!!!!
  • dibya dibya
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    Are you kidding with me ? Nokia 6 opens Facebook faster than my galaxy note 8 .
    This phone is dam fast for its price.
    I never faced any lag or slow down .
    Note 8 after a year is snail due to touchwiz bloatware but Nokia 6 is still rocking like man with no lag . Same apps are on both phone . Hmd did a great job . Don't blame Nokia for non sense . I believe your connection is issue.
    How I don't know humei crap p20 lite can beat Nokia 6 in connectivity. I have p20 lite it cannot catch Vodafone tower signal even in my village but Nokia 6 is always full tower and LTE works.
    No one before me here ever used LTE with Vodafone since Vodafone LTE tower is 25km away from my village.
    All use 2G EDGE here with Vodafone .if you are lucky you will get hspa.
    God dammed liers are caught.
    Be happy with crap hole spyware huwei . I bought p20 lite for camera . It is crap nothing . Fully abnormal colour saturation and with its AI I look like a white painted in photo. Fully crap.
    I am trying to find a buyer for use less p20
  • petrus petrus
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    Also, according to me, the Nokia 6 is a very good phone. The phone goes smoothly.
  • Ever happen to mi when I unlook my Nokia 6 hangs as ****, some times I become "cybernetic stress" when I try to open mi Nokia fast to take a picture o send a message. Some times I want to thru away when that happens.
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