Nokia 6.1 is thr worst phone ever

I am totally disappointed and upset. This is the worst choice I ever made!

Nokia 6.1 is thr worst phone ever

I am totally disappointed and upset.
This is the worst choice I ever made! I congatulate Nokia for the success they made in creating a device that bugs every minute! That has a Camera lens but no Camera!
It is ironic!


  • why,whats the issue with it ??

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    Hey what's the issue?  You just say this is a worst phone without telling the issue.
  • tudor georgescu tudor georgescu
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    Oh, yes, for the price of a big Galaxy S10 I can buy 11 pieces of Nokia 6.1.
  • Mistake by Google is that the os is from version to version more closed. There is Xiaomi with their monthly updates and what a shame, they dont use pure android...
    The locked bootloader is common, but many manufacturers have ability to unlock it. Mostly you have to ask them on their websites and it take some time to get permission. At the end you have to flash your phone. I think Its good solution against noobs and idiots.
    I compare cameras from my latest phone MI4s, Its two year old model with only 13mp and it makes better pics. I can't even open pics directly from camera app on Nokia...
  • Positives:
    Long lasting battery

    Camera is really bad, it makes awful pics. I cant open photos directly from camera app. Manual setting works practically only in inbuild camera app.
    Big bottom frame without hw buttons, sw buttons are in bad order and are not remapable. The button for display rotation just f*ck me up.
    Crooked jack connector
    Really bad loudspeaker, 15 years old phones has better sound.
    Doesnt have notification diode
    Bad unlocking with swipe up gesture, especially when using one hand.
    Search bar at bottom (this must been idiot, who invented this) and cant be removed
    Cant remove the date widget from first page of launcher
    Battery progress is made for kids or what. I cant find out, when and why has my phone bigger consumtion
    App permissions arent all in apps settings, eg system setting permission you have to find in other place.
    Cant get rid of "find my phone", it activates automatically
    Cant download from
    Unlockable bootloader. Many of these problems i can solve with rooting phone, but what the f*ck, nokia dont allow this.

    In conclusion dont buy this phone, you can find many better phones from other manufacturers in the same price level.
  • I forgot few things more.
    Quick toggles are only 3x3 icons, its waste of space, when desktop uses 5x5. Its also not user friendly
    For some apps i cant set notifications without sound

    Thats probabely all after 3 weeks testing. Im done with nokia.
    Engineers from Nokia made ordinary phone from pocket pc. Wish they rather focuse on some n-gage or symbian games resurrection.
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    So OP thinks that the Nokia 6.1 is the worst phone ever, they obviously haven't used the Nokia 8 then!!?!
  • tudor georgescu tudor georgescu
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    Some phones have fabrication defects, which only become apparent after using them for a while. This is rare, so it is just being unlucky.

    There are also software bugs. If you are prepared to wait long enough, such bugs get squashed.

    And yes, there's malware (like cryptominers) and simply abusing your own phone, like making it wet or exposing it to sunlight during tropical heat.

    The only thing I miss in my Nokia 6.1 is wardriving, but this is due to Google policy. I am not prepared to root my phone yet. I'll root it only after the updates from Nokia will cease.
  • Same so many times changed prices .i bought 3gb 32gb model in 17000.So totally disppointed.
  • Nokia 6.1 a big disappointment 😞 😞 
  • The only thing I was disappointed about was that there was no IP certification.
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