QWERTY and Compact phones needed ASAP

Nokia of old was king of qwerty along with Blackberry. I am now a Blackberry Keyone user.

QWERTY and Compact phones needed ASAP

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Nokia of old was king of qwerty along with Blackberry. I am now a Blackberry Keyone user. However I would switch back to Nokia TODAY if HMD released a modernized Nokia E73 (T-Mobile USA version of E72 I believe). Make it a bit smaller than the monstrous Blackberry for one handed use. A 4 inch screen would be PERFECT. 3 GB RAM, 64 Storage, Snapdragon 660. It would be great for business users, students and retro phone fans. Look how well TCL is doing with a resurected Blackberry! 

How about a Sony Xperia XZ1 and iPhone SE killer? 4 or 4.5 inch screen. Smaller bezels and 4GB RAM, 64 GB Storage, Snapdragon 835 and a 23 MP Carl Zeiss camera? 

I'm actually shocked HMD has not done this yet. Just 5.5 and 5.3 inch bricks looking like they belong in 2015. Also Nokia 2,3 with nice size but specs from 2012! 

I was excited about HMD bringing Nokia back, God how I miss my E73, my 808 Pureview and even my Nokia Astound (C7). How HMD has disappointed with boring and generic junk. Wake me up when a new QWERTY E series or compact comes out. Good luck HMD, you will need it! 


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    I agree with both these suggestions.

    Regarding keyboards, I recently had a "doh" moment when looking for a replacement keyboard for a Nokia N900 - not everyone uses QWERTY layout, e.g. in Germany the standard is QWERTZ and in France it's AZERTY, other countries use other layouts.

    This means it's a lot more expensive to produce phones with physical keyboard layouts. Unless the layouts are adaptive - HINT HINT IDEA NOKIA! :)

    For compact phones I agree. Sub 5 inches fits in the pocket much easier. I recently played a little with a Sony Xperia X and realised that there's no way I need a big phone. I'd like to see a more compact option from Nokia (although a 5"+ phone could fit a keyboard in it much more easily!).

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    I agree and do expecting a compact smartphone from HMD team. I'm owning Nokia 5 it is 5.2" but still its feeling heavy on my hand. A mid-range(mostly likely Nokia 7 or Nokia 6 2018 specs) smartphone with between 4" to 5" screen with reduced bezels and body to screen ratio above 78% is a good one to own.

    We love and support Nokia! Hear us.

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    #MWC2018 New Nokia Phones are looks beautiful!. Great work on the design HMD Global!

    Nowadays smartphone are getting bigger and bigger. We like to have a smartphone that is easy for one handed use and easy to carry the phone. It's disappointing there is no compact smartphone on mid range smartphones. At least a limited edition compact version of Nokia 7 plus? 

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