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If it's so stable, release it (to U.S.

When do I get Android 9?


  • If it's so stable, release it (to U.S. customers).  Yes, it can still have issues.  Guess what?  My phone has issues after the September security update to 8.1!  There have been no updates to fix those issues.   

  • You can install it manually by following the instructions in the link below or you can wait for HMD to push it OTA.


    I updated my UK spec TA-1050 by this method.
  • Search on xda forum and you will find there the solution to update your phone.

    I can't post the link because it's getting removed.
  • There is a workaround for the u s model
  • I downloaded that rename it I put in in Nokia main drive but I can't find root folder when I find root there's nothing in it I use root explorer
  • You trust a workaround you found on the Internet, that voids your warranty???

  • From xda yes
  • Root folder means internal storage. Just copy the zip into internal storage.

    And yes,I trust a workaround because Nokia doesn't give a fak about us...and you will not lose your warranty
  • When it bricks your phone I guess you'll find out.

  • When is that supposed to happen because I'm running pie right now sir and have been for two days. Let us know when you get your slice of pie Hugh ok!
  • When is that supposed to happen because I'm running pie right now sir and have been for two days. Let us know when you get your slice of pie Hugh ok!
  • Device Tech Guy,

    Good for you.  Can you guarantee that you will continue to receive updates, though?

  • Hey TiffanyAlexandra hook your phone to your PC and place the file in internal storage on the phone so you should be able to view it because your looking at it from the PC as your phone is hooked to the PC re name the file. Then type the dialer code and call and it should start installing
  • Well I just read on those forums that you'll be stuck at that update if you use it.   No thanks.  

  • Well Hugh just so you know I change phones so quickly I'll probably have the 7.1 or some other device by then with pie out of the box ready for Q
  • Must be nice to be rich

  • Where are you getting your info?? I have been using VPN turbo to get my updates because Nokia is so slow with the ta-1043. I have this phone for 5 months,only the September update I got from Nokia without using a different method...so fak nokia
  • Budget phones Hugh budget phones
  • Seriously though Hugh I'm interested in knowing when Nokia pushes pie to US model ta 1045. Thanks
  • Hi do I have to root my phone to use that code and add that file to my internal storage or can i just do it. I tried it without rooting and it says file not found.
  • Nope. No root but I think it works for model TA 1045 model
  • No root needed. Only rename the file,add to internal storage and use the the dial to tile that code

    I used it on my ta-1043(Romania) and I have no problem with my phone. The battery life Seems even better.
  • I have TA1050 and it aint working. So sad. Do I leave the file as a zip folder in internal storage or add to another folder? Anyone did this on TA1050?
  • Device Tech Guy, me too!  I'm losing patience.

  • For those struggling to update using the file:

    Put the file in the Internal Storage folder, that is the folder that also contains the Download, Document and data folders.
    Rename the file but make sure it still has the .zip extension.
    Reboot the phone.
  • Can u send a pic plz of how it should look in the internal storage folder. Also If I have it correct then i don't t think this works for TA1050
  • It works on TA-1050.

    Download SE Explorer from the Play Store and you can access the Internal Memory folder directly from the menu in SE Explorer.
  • Device Tech Guy,

    I ended up downloading the update from the api site.   I'll send you a bill for a replacement phone if it doesn't work! (no, I wouldn't know how to do that anyway!).   The update is going VERY slow...  is this normal?   

  • Device Tech Guy,

    Reboot took several minutes!   I was concerned but eventually it got to what I thought was the standard lock screen.  Then it said "Device is starting..." but that too, took forever.  Is this normal for Pie's first boot?

    It eventually got to what I assume is the normal screen for Pie.  Interface is DRASTICALLY different!  

  • All normal. It should take you through a setup process. And you are all set. Although I would cusomize your home screen look
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