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I got the OTA update a moment after Sarvikas announced it on Twitter at 30th October.

When do I get Android 9?


  • I got the OTA update a moment after Sarvikas announced it on Twitter at 30th October. I think they have taken it away from distribution because there are some bugs. I would recommend to just wait for the OTA to come.
  • Descubrí porque no llega Android Pie al mundo porque las empresas telefónicas o móviles impiden y no autorizan el android pie y en un rato más reclamaré a mi empresa de compañía móvil para que llegue el Android Pie a Chile y ustedes deben reclamar a su empresas telefónicas y móviles y autorizar la llegada de su nuevo Android 9 a través de reclamos, si no funciona deberán ingresar a denunciar su empresa de una actualización Android Pie importante
  • Could someone please translate this.
  • He basically states that he has discovered why he hasn't received an update, he blames his carrier. And he's gonna complain to them directly.

    I just downloaded Android Pie update from a link someone posted here. Feels good though. I like forums. <--- that's just ne btw.
  • Device Tech Guy,

    It seems Nokia has abandoned the U.S.  I'm not shocked, but it is disappointing.

  • Yeah the Nokia power users page indicate the rollout was for india, Pakistan and Germany
  • But I do not live in those countries, I live in Finland.
  • And I ithats why you don't have the update
  • I'm the guy who got the update via OTA in Finland at the Nov 30th. No VPN:s, no XDA, just the regular way.
  • Kirito Kirito
    It sounds like they are testing android pie in those countries before release to the rest of the world. Maybe it wasn't a stable version the one they release. What ever, my Android Pie is working great :)
  • Oh I see well I guess the info on Nokia power users site was off base. Isn't Nokia hmd Finnish companies
  • Yes, but I'm living in Finland and I have not got the update.
  • That's odd another user in Finland got the update ota from Nokia/hmd
  • milind goel milind goel
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    You all are just wishing to get android pie in your device. Well, atleast you will get the most stable update later than us who got it. I uave noticed many bugs small and very big. And they are very annoying. So do thanks to your region for not getting this disgusting update. I am posting one of the screenshot of the bug i am experiencing now.

    Nokia please fix it. Plz

  • user1541184732885 user1541184732885
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    TA-1043, Romania , Android Pie update available now

  • scouser73 scouser73
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    I have just received and installed Android Pie on my Nokia 6.1 TA-1050 in the UK.

    I've tried enabling System UI Tuner, but having 'Googled' how to enable it, it appears that I'd need to install Nova Launcher so I can tune the notification panel to my liking.

    I've included a few screenshots and so far, I've not encountered any problems with it.






  • TA-1043, Poland, OTA awailable :)
  • So what's the bug
  • wizzard wizzard
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    OTA to late we upgrade it from XDA
  •  Received android 9 PIE last evening, 6th of November. TA1043 Romania. So far so good. Some new item, learning what and how. We'll see in the near future... Security 1 October. 

  • I have just received yesterday
  • Eleftherios Eleftherios
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    I lost volte even my network support it.
    In 8.1 version I haven't problem.
    After update I lost.
    Has anyone the same problem?
  • Pie for Nokia 7plus was released back in September, still loads of people without it (like me), so it might be months before some of you guys get android pie.
  • Hey Hugh W what's cracking.  Where did you get the OTA zip file for your Nokia 6.1?  I

  • You could try this method if you haven't received android 9 yet (or even latest security patch):
    Take out the sim and Reset to factory Setup as a new phone but skip through a lot of the setup. Set the language to English India during the setup. Be sure not to sign into your Google account and skip this part. Once setup, connect to wifi and sideload a VPN app that allows you to connect to India. E.g I googled India APK and installed the app. connect to a VPN in India using the installed app. open the dialer and type *#*#checkin#*#* dont press phone, just wait for it to load - replace checkin with the matching numbers on the dialer check for updates let the phone download and install the update. it may need to restart After its successfully installed, reset to factory settings again and then setup the phone with your sim card and restore from a backup or setup as a new phone.
    BTW. Download Turbo VPN apk and choose indian server.
    It worked for me perfectly, everything is working, i even got the latest security patch (i was stuck on June patch)
    Don't forget to back up everything before first factory reset.
  • user1541706518940,

    I cannot reveal my source... due to forum rules.

  • Hugh what api site did you use. Send me the link
  • Presumably applying the zip from XDA will break OTA updates in the future.

    Nokia needs to tell us what is happening but they want to keep pretending that everyone got Pie in October so they can gloat about how fast they are.

    **** bastards, give me back my money if you're not going to keep your promises.
  • Really Hugh send me an email then    I guess its all the same as I need the update Android 9 for the Nokia 7.1 now

  • Really Hugh stop being a _ick.  This is device tech guy you were not singing that tune when people told you about XDA.  I need it for the Nokia 7.1

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