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I managed to get mine working but unsure if it's because I turned off my storage manager on my phone or I followed this (1) Go to C:\Windows\INF

USB not detecting while connected to computer


  • mcbetterman mcbetterman
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    I managed to get mine working but unsure if it's because I turned off my storage manager on my phone or I followed this

    (1) Go to C:\Windows\INF

    (2) Type "wpdmtp.inf" in the search bar provided to the right of the address bar in Windows 10.

    (3) Once you found it, just right click on it and select install. It will take a very few seconds.

    (4) Connect your device to the pc.

  • Michael70 Michael70
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    Perfect answer for my problem with a Nokia N5 was already give a while ago! Since I received a major Windows 10 upgrade about a year ago, on my old Pentium i5 from 11 years ago, the USB port do not recognise a lot of devices. First detected this issue with a memory flash card that I use in my car.

    I just bought a simple general USB card reader for all types of flash cards and it has 3 USB ports. Costed something like 20 euro.ks like charming and could read/write to the flash card again. Should have immediately thought about this when my Nokia was not recognised, that I tried to connect for the first time. Normally I use my Samsung S6. Now it worked simple as P&P.

    Lesson Learned: It's not always Nokia's guilt, i this case something with old USB ports and Windows 10. Found tips regarding the USB card reader in another forum. Was a know issue related to the Windows upgrade. Thinks it was in April/May 2019.

  • You definitely know your stuff, worked like a charm

  • I will try all the sloution that given in all comment but did not work anyone.

    so pls give me right solution about this usb did not recognised problem.

    thank you so much.

  • rbeze 58 rbeze 58
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    It happened with me as well. I changed the cable and it was fine again. If your cable is internally damaged or any of the pins on the Type-C female port of the phone is damaged, it will show up as unrecognized device when plugged in to your PC.

  • rbeze 58 rbeze 58
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    If your problem still persists even after changing the original cable, then you've probably damaged your Type-C port on your device. It'll cost you about INR 1.2K officially from Nokia care/service center or whatever you may want to call it.

    If you are buying a cable, I recommend LeEcho phone's cables. They work really great with Nokia. And if you use a OnePlus 5T's Charging Brick with LeEcho's Type-C cable, it charges rapidly from 0-100% in 37 minutes only.

  • Similar problem here with a Nokia 8 with Android 9.

    Charging only, not able to transfer data. The only indication that the cable is connected is that it does charge ok, I get no notification on the phone or PC to indicate that the phone is connected. All USB preferences are greyed out. I have tried this with multiple cables, including one that was specifically described as for data transfer. Does anyone else have a Nokia 8 that they have been able to connect to a PC/Laptop and transfer data?

  • Nokia 9 Pureview user.

    Similar issue. All cables I try (which are fine with LG phones) will not initiate any data connection. All except one!! One which is used for a SSD drive and is type c to type c.

    But even worse, not one single SD card reader works, however a usb c hub with built in reader which I use with a MacBook pro does work!!

    But the biggest problem is that because of such strange finickity issues, I cannot use the phone with a DJI drone controller. Simply doesn't see any data connection using the cable, but like all other instances does have a charging connection.

    I enabled developer, debugging and all the rest on the Nokia... Nothing makes any difference.

    All cables and readers work perfectly on two LG phones.

    There seems to be no logical answer, other than Nokia phones will only see data connections if the connection meets a certain "standard"... but even that is sometimes disproven by others experiences...

  • Update:

    Today I just decided to use the Nokia "my phone" app and chat to support.

    And wow, the unexpected really happened. Somebody popped up within seconds, I explained the problem, gave them my IMEI number - and a few seconds later - FULLY FUNCTIONAL USB PORT!

    Give it a go, I looks like certain updates on Nokia devices ruined USB functionality for some phones.

    He said future updates will also address this.

    I am amazed at this level of customer support from a mobile phone company (even though the problem shouldn't have been there to begin with!).

  • Hello!

    Same problem. Just charged when I tried to connect with PC (Win10).

    I´ve tried all... Checked the Nokia Support with the "my phone" app. I´ve received the answer in seconds, but they could´t solve my problem.

    Using the original cable have also tried with different ports. I´ve also installed new drivers on the PC:

    And tried the "wpdmtp.inf" solution but also not worked. Developer options too...

    But in the end... MAGIC. I just tried again, but connected the phone while it was UNBLOCKED (normal user screen, when we use our phones). Then comed the pop-up!!!

    Thank you all!

  • Shabir Shabir
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    Same in my case... It's not detecting via otg or usb cable to laptop

  • Has anyone found the solution to this problem?

  • firmwarefile firmwarefile
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    If you are facing issue after changing the cable, then maybe the issue in port. I was facing the same issue but after changing the cable, it was resolved.

  • y.s.kang y.s.kang

    I had the same problem. Changed the cable and it sorted

  • y.s.kang y.s.kang

    I had the same problem. Just changed the cable and its sorted out. Really some cables are only for charging mobile.

  • Subhasish roy Subhasish roy
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    I am using a Nokia 1 and my phone did not connected to PC it only charges , my USB cable is not broken I used to transfer files with this cable before but after this latest update the USB file transfer has been broken please help me out

  • my nokia 6.1 plus stopped charging becasues its por was damaged. So i replaced the charging Port and it cost me Rs. 1500. and after this problem arised of not detecting by PC. please give me some solution................

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