My Nokia 6 becomes hot during charging? Is it normal?


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My Nokia 6 becomes hot during charging? Is it normal?


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    Please define hot: If you can keep holding a finger on it then it's warm, not hot.
    There are security circuits in the phone to prevent overheating during recharge and use.

    Nokia 6 does warm up during recharge.
    To dissipate the heat put the phone front-side down - and remove the cover or wallet, if you added any?

    If in doubt please consult the point of sale.


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    Even i am facing this issue, even though the mob is switched off, on charging it heats up very quickly. On switching on, and put for charge also it heats up very quickly

    On checking the temperature using app, it indicates 43-45 degree celsius.

    Also on normal usage, just with whats app or songs it is around 36~37 degree Pls let me know if this is okay ?

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    Hi hpholm! My problem is same like User 231. But when charging it in Safe Mode it is normal (not heating). But I put the mobile in charge in normal mode(not safe mode) then it was heating until 70 percent but after that phone becomes cool automatically.
  • Hi user 723
    What is safe mode. Even I see sane behavior on charging till 70 or 80 percent charging there is rapid heating and it goes till 43 degree.
    But even on charging while mobile is switched off it is heating up rapidly.
    What is the temperature range you observing when heated up and when in normal use
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    I would like to inform you that in safe mode your all 3rd party applications will be disabled.
    To activate and deactivate safe mode kindly follow below mention steps:

    -: Press and Hold Power Key Button
    -: Then Press and Hold Power Off Option which will appear on display
    -: You will get Pop up REBOOT TO SAFE MODE>>Then Press OK
    -: Device will restart automatically then it will start in SAFE MODE
    -: Restart device to come out from SAFE MODE

    I also inform you that I have not checked my phone's temperature with any app but it becomes too hot which I think abnormal. I think it will be same as yours.
  • Hi
    Yes Even I feel it's abnormal.

    But same is seen even when the mobile is switched off and then put on charge.
  • debu debu
    Yes. It is over heating while mobile is switched off. I first charged my mobile by switching off it became too hot. My problem is like yours.
  • Yes. Its same. what is the resolution to this ? Seems this is common in nokia 6

  • Hi User 723,

    What is the latest update ? Did your issue get resolved after factory reset ?

  • debu debu
    I contacted Nokia Mobile Care, they said to reset the phone then problem will be resolved. I replaced it on Amazon. In the user guide of Support app it is said that most heating cases are normal.
  • Hi sir

    I tried same tried safe mode and also factory reset but even after that the mob heating up rapidly
    Up to 45 deg have u tried seeing the temp while charging can u post let me know u can just download battery temperature app and when it warms up just check in the app.even I have replaced
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    User 723

    Did u replace your phone ??
    What is the behaviour now is it overheating while charging is it says behaviour as old
  • Okay It's seems to be the common issue with Nokia 6 that it gets heated up while charging. Let's wait for September update may be this will be fixed.
  • For first 2 days I too had this heating issue.. then I found that the charger was plugged into the socket in wrong direction. Then I started using in a correct way and I didn't found any heating issue since then.. my device is 16days older one..

    Just try it guyzz
  • my nokia6 overheated (unable to hold it more than 2 min) during charhing in car (i have a portronics car charger) the phone displayed message" the temperature has reached high, ceasing function". on removal from charger after 20 min, got a msg" temperature normal, android will resume normal functions"
  • Phone is getting heated up while charging and watching videos. Pls suggest.when I contacted Amazon they said to check with smartchk app still it's heats up while charging
  • guys suggest me a tempered glass ....which covers curved edges of Nokia 6 perfectly

  • Why you need a temperate glass for Nokia 6 when Nokia 6 comes with Gorilla glass 3. Don't stick unnecessary things with Nokia 6. This Phone is perfectly build with amazing design and build in quality why to spoil it's beauty.
  • Yes it's overheatibg for me as well not sure about reason .all apps closed too.

    Which is best back case for Nokia 6
    Even with Gorilla glass scratches occurring
  • Hi, I am also facing same problem. If i am using 4G network while charging it get heatup (maxi. Temperature observed 57℃). Then a popup come to remove charger bcoz its overheating.
  • It should be normal. I am just hoping it won't shut down due to overheating. If I place it down on a soft surface like a sofa this is likely to happen, so beware.

  • I am also having over heating problem even though I am not doing anything, please suggest
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    Given that this problem was first posted 8 months ago, it is an old one and seems to be an unresolved one. I just bought a Nokia 6.1, about 4 days back (23-Apr-2018) and have the same issue of the phone getting "warm" (Android Assistant app measured the current temperature at 45 deg C). Since I do not see any solutions so far, am I right in supposing that this is to be treated as a feature and not a bug? We could toast marshmallows on it, fry an egg or two, or simply hold it close to our chests on cold winter days, I'm guessing!

  • debu debu
    **** user1524809111307 It should be resolved after few updates I think, because on Nokia 6(2017) it is solved.
  •  During fast charging over heating occurs. try to use your old power adapters. this could solve your problem.

  • Nokia 6.1 overheating
  • Also same problem nokia 6 charging time over heated a body ....how to solve this problem any solution ???
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