Dreaded black screen

Purchased my first ever Nokia phone this week (7.1) and loving it.

Dreaded black screen

Purchased my first ever Nokia phone this week (7.1) and loving it.

Then today the screen just goes blank and won't respond to anything at all. Thought it was dead but I think it is actually on as I can hear keystrokes, just the screen is black.

Checking on here this looks like an old problem that it seems unbelievably has not yet been fixed even in the brand new model.

Anything I can do before I return it for something more reliable? Think I was in the camera when it happened.


  • If you press and hold "Volume Up" + "Power" you can restart your phone.

    I have now disabled following functions:

    • double tap on screen to activate the device
    • double press on power to activate the camera
    I have read this may help to prevent the black screen.

  • Many thanks for the quick reply. 

    V Up and Power has indeed got me going again.

    Phone looks real quality and is great so will try your tips and hope it doesn't occur again.

    Really needs the software boys to fix it urgently if this problem has been around from previous models. Let's hope they do.

    Thanks again.

  • neeraj madhavi neeraj madhavi
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    i m having same problem and i am not even able to start phone using the volume up + power button, please help
  • gaurav dhiman gaurav dhiman
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    Same problem is here and it should be fix even i activate or deactivate the double tap screen on oprion
  • writer0101 writer0101
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    I've had my phone for about 4 weeks. It has shut down quite suddenly three times. I have been able to power it up again without a problem: I didn't have to use the volume button. I'm concerned that this appears to be a relatively common problem.
    I'm wondering whether anyone at Nokia monitors this forum and will respond to this thread. I really hate to think I would have to go through the hassle of sending the phone for repair--and then ending up with the same problem!
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