Dreaded black screen

Purchased my first ever Nokia phone this week (7.1) and loving it.

Dreaded black screen

Purchased my first ever Nokia phone this week (7.1) and loving it.

Then today the screen just goes blank and won't respond to anything at all. Thought it was dead but I think it is actually on as I can hear keystrokes, just the screen is black.

Checking on here this looks like an old problem that it seems unbelievably has not yet been fixed even in the brand new model.

Anything I can do before I return it for something more reliable? Think I was in the camera when it happened.


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    If you press and hold "Volume Up" + "Power" you can restart your phone.

    I have now disabled following functions:

    • double tap on screen to activate the device
    • double press on power to activate the camera
    I have read this may help to prevent the black screen.

  • Many thanks for the quick reply. 

    V Up and Power has indeed got me going again.

    Phone looks real quality and is great so will try your tips and hope it doesn't occur again.

    Really needs the software boys to fix it urgently if this problem has been around from previous models. Let's hope they do.

    Thanks again.

  • neeraj madhavi neeraj madhavi
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    i m having same problem and i am not even able to start phone using the volume up + power button, please help
  • gaurav dhiman gaurav dhiman
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    Same problem is here and it should be fix even i activate or deactivate the double tap screen on oprion
  • I've had my phone for about 4 weeks. It has shut down quite suddenly three times. I have been able to power it up again without a problem: I didn't have to use the volume button. I'm concerned that this appears to be a relatively common problem.
    I'm wondering whether anyone at Nokia monitors this forum and will respond to this thread. I really hate to think I would have to go through the hassle of sending the phone for repair--and then ending up with the same problem!
  • KING 1 KING 1

    I have a Nokia 1 TA-1056 I tried to force restart my phone and it won't work I tried the power button + volume up button and power button + volume down button symontanously and it won't work its only vibrates but nothing pop up in the screen it's just black/blank screen I really don't know freaked out a little bit it only vibrates when I do it everything in Google or YouTube to but didn't work I don't know maybe it's just low battery I mean the last time I charge it. It was 0% maybe it's that one pls help me Nokia

  • stewart woodruff stewart woodruff
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    It is still happening I have the latest Nokia 5.1 Android 1 and it black screened on me today, it feels very hot and its not in the sun, it is completly unacceptable that a firm of this size has an issue that appears to have been going on for such a long time and it has not been able to solve it. I have had Nokia phones for many years, this will be my last, it has not been a good purchase. Phone is unable to perform any tasks, cannot get it to work and so I have very many important messages and information that I am unable to access. Not acceptable, Nokia you should be ashamed.

  • I have to add that I purchased my Phone in March 2019 so it is only 17 months old and this problem has rendered it useless, I am unable to use it and as I use it for my business I am unable to even see who has phoned me of left messages and there are certain social media actions I need to make with my phone and I cant do them either, if the is a reoccuring problem then the phone is not fit for purpose and as such should not be sold with a built in issue. This is contrary to our Sale of Goods act and as such Nokia are committing an offence. You have lost a valued customer to your rivals.

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    Nokia 5.4

    Purchased about 3 weeks ago. I liked it until .....BLACK SCREEN.!!!!

    Sorry for this long story but . . .

    I admit that I was furious when was I drove to the Seller. My phone rang, I was expecting to hear from my daughter so I pulled over to answer it but I could not answer the because I couldn't see the screen to push the answer button.

    I made it to the dealer. He said he'd never heard of the problem. I suggested that he look on this website and well - here you are.

    He managed to open it up again but in a different way than described here. Really hard to do because one needed to see the screen. I tiny, and I do mean a tiny bit of light on the screen appeared and I logged in. He then went to settings, then display, and finally the screen light. Well Halleluja.

    He tried to contact the Nokia office but discovered he could only send an email. He sent them an email to complain about the problem. He suggested it would be a good idea to buy another but 1. I had spent so much time setting it up to my liking and 2. I didn't have more $$$$$-my budget didn't go there.

    The seller said he would wait until he heard from Nokia.

    3 weeks later and it happened again. It seems as though it can't handle a long conversation?

    To end my adventure. While I do believe that the seller will contact me when he hears from Nokia to date I have not heard a word.

    I am writing this because the BLACK SCREEN has returned and the Volume Up and Power buttons worked. Have done it twice since I started this.


    Does anybody have a good alternative to this sad android?


  • Help, I have the same problem, the power plus volume key has turned the power light on but the screen is still completely black, what can I do?

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